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IDenticard and the Yankee Alliance

Providing an unrivaled identification and ID security product offering to Yankee members

IDenticard and Premier contract number with Yankee logo

Through our mutual connection with Premier, Inc., IDenticard is proud to bring our broad offering of identification products and services to members of the Yankee Alliance. Unlike other Premier suppliers, who offer products in specialized areas, we’re able to meet all of your identification and ID security needs, allowing your organization to save time, effort and money.

What can we do for Yankee Alliance members?

We pride ourselves on being a true “one-stop shop” for all things identification. Our product offering includes a number of items healthcare facilities need, but often purchase off-contract. We can help your organization save time and money by serving as a single supplier for everything from ID card printers to custom ID card attachments.

Products perfect for Yankee members include:

Blank or custom healthcare ID cards

Yankee group custom healthcare ID cards

Create quality custom credentials for your doctors, nurses and other staff.

Badge Buddies role-recognition cards

Yankee group healthcare Badge Buddies

Available in stock or custom, Badge Buddies clearly identify your staff.

Visitor Management software

Yankee group healthcare Visitor Management software

Desktop, cloud-based and more: Help secure your facilities.

Expiring healthcare visitor badges

Yankee group healthcare expiring visitor badges

These badges expire after a set time frame to show when a guest’s time is up.

Custom ID card attachments

Yankee custom healthcare ID attachments

Enhance your facility’s brand with a custom lanyard, badge reel and more.

Photo ID card design software

Yankee group healthcare photo ID software

Create quality ID credentials on-site with a product from our software offering.

ID card printers and supplies

ID card printers and supplies for the Yankee group

Print your own badges on-site with a quality printer and printer supplies.

Why choose IDenticard?

IDenticard healthcare solutions for the Yankee group

There are several reasons why we’re the perfect supplier for members of the Yankee Alliance:

  • Product offering Having all of the identification products you need, as well as a number of facility security products, in one place will not only save you time, it’ll save you money: use a single purchase order to get everything you need.
  • Save money Because of our mutual association with Premier, Yankee Alliance members can save money on products they’re already purchasing: ID cards are required in many healthcare settings, so why not by them on-contract and save?
  • Wealth of experience We have dedicated market managers in healthcare and education, each of whom will work with you to ensure your unique needs are met. Our team of sales managers is spread across the country, ensuring that you’ll have a local voice to assist you every step of the way.
  • Security Identification and ID security are what we do at IDenticard. We understand the ever-changing modern security landscape, and know how important facility and personnel security are to you. We’ll pass our knowledge on to you, ensuring that our products and solutions provide you with safe, productive facilities.

Who is IDenticard?

We were founded in 1970 as a maker of photo ID cards; since then, we’ve grown to a a multinational manufacturer and supplier of ID cards and badges, ID badge attachments, Visitor Management products and more. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we’re proud to be a part of Brady Corp, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer and marketer of ID and safety products.

Are you interested in learning more? Great!

An incredible product offering. Decades of industry experience. Affordable pricing. What’s not to love? If you’d like to learn more about working with us, please contact us. In the meantime, if you’d like to get a better look at our product offering, please browse our online store, where you’ll find hundreds of unique products. Please note that your group price won’t be shown in our online store; those orders must be placed offline.