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  • Tools to monitor visitors to your facilities
  • Scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes
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Visitor Management has never been more important or more challenging. Whether at schools, healthcare facilities, or businesses, IDenticard’s Visitor Management Solutions are easy to use and accommodate a variety of needs, ensuring the safety of your staff and visitors.

Our solutions help safeguard your people and property, create a record of who is on your premises and make a powerful first impression with your guests. Each of these tools plays a key role in making your site a safer place to work and visit.

IDenticard offers the widest assortment of Visitor Management solutions in the industry

A variety of solutions and tools are available, including basic expiring badges, comprehensive software systems and cloud-based solutions. With so many different options available, IDenticard is sure to have a Visitor Management solution for organizations of all kinds.

What is a Visitor Management system?

The concept of Visitor Management refers to the process of registering and monitoring all visitors to a site. The tools and equipment used to put that concept into action are what we call Visitor Management systems.

A Visitor Management system can be as complex as an enterprise, multi-location software deployment or as simple as an adhesive visitor badge issued upon signing in. The different parts used to make up the system are going to depend on the unique needs of an individual site.

Behind every Visitor Management system is a very basic desire: a secure workplace. In today’s security-focused world, taking preventative measures to keep personnel and premises safe has never been more important.


TEMPbadge™ Visitor Management expiring badges, log books and software
  • Full software system
  • Easy-to-use sign-in screen
  • Available in full kits
  • Process guests in 5 seconds



PassagePoint™ software
  • Powerful software
  • Enterprise-level feature set
  • Sex offender registries
  • HL-7 integration



WhosOnLocation™ web-based Visitor Management software
  • Browser-based software
  • Use on iPads® and PCs
  • Manage visitors & employees
  • Contract-free plans



More than just software: TEMPbadge expiring badges and visitor badge log books

Visitor Management isn’t limited to software! IDenticard also offers TEMPbadge expiring badges and visitor badge log books, each of which can serve as a low-cost solution or can complement your software installation.

TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges feature patented expiring ink technology that shows a visual indicator that a badge has expired. These expiring badges are available in half-day, 1-day or 7-day time frames, and are available in several styles. Our visitor badge log books feature individual expiring badges that are personalized by hand. Upon sign-in, a copy of the visitor’s written information is recorded in the book for detailed record-keeping.

TEMPbadge: Seriously simple Visitor Management for schools, hospitals, offices and more

TEMPbadge is simple, effective and easy-to-use software from IDenticard. Designed to process guests accurately and efficiently, TEMPbadge VMS is the perfect tool for small schools, hospitals, office buildings and more. Our TEMPbadge VMS kits feature TEMPbadge VMS software, a thermal label printer and 1,000 TEMPbadge expiring badges. Simply install the software and connect the printer to a computer to begin badging!


  • TEMPbadge VMS software is configurable, allowing users to change or add titles and rearrange the buttons as necessary. The software features a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and won’t take long to learn, making it an excellent system for volunteers or those unfamiliar with computers.
  • When a guest arrives, the employee or volunteer using TEMPbadge VMS will be able to process that guest quickly: a detailed, personalized expiring badge can be issued to the guest in as few as four clicks and five seconds!
  • TEMPbadge VMS has detailed reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor the number of visitors to your site, examine visitor trends and more. Data can be exported for easy sharing or graphing as well.
  • With TEMPbadge VMS, you’re not just getting software: our kit includes the TEMPbadge software, a thermal label printer and 1,000 TEMPbadge expiring badges. All you need to get started is a compatible computer!
  • We’re so confident that you’ll love TEMPbadge VMS that we want you to try it FREE! Simply follow the link below to get your free 15-day trial and see the TEMPbadge difference.

PassagePoint: Powerful, enterprise-level software for maximum control over your facilities

Designed with the needs of large sites in mind, PassagePoint is comprehensive software suite from STOPware. With multiple versions available, including a version specifically designed for school Visitor Management, PassagePoint is a powerful tool to increase security at your site.


  • PassagePoint is customizable, meaning it can be adjusted to meet your site’s needs. It is also a modular system, meaning different add-ons and features can be purchased as necessary.
  • The system allows for multiple installations of the software to be managed from a central location; this makes PassagePoint the perfect tool for large corporate campuses with multiple sites but a single security office.
  • PassagePoint can be integrated with several other systems to create an even more powerful tool, including access control systems and pre-registration systems.
  • Optional database integration allows PassagePoint to check visitors against internal databases, hospital registries and sex offender databases for added security.
  • Those seeking a school Visitor Management solution will appreciate PassagePoint EDU's ability to store custodial information that ensures a child is only released to the proper guardian and check arriving guests against local sex offender databases, providing increased safety for students and staff alike.

WhosOnLocation: A flexible and powerful web-based Visitor Management system

With no software to download, multiple plan options and no contracts, WhosOnLocation provides organizations looking for a new tool with maximum flexibility. WhosOnLocation is a web-based/cloud-based system that can be accessed from any compatible web browser. WhosOnLocation is also compatible with our TEMPbadge expiring badges, allowing guests to receive a personalized expiring badge upon sign-in.


  • WhosOnLocation requires no downloads or installation of any kind: simply access the admin dashboard from any compatible web browser on an iPad®, tablet or PC.
  • Several different plans are available, ranging from Small to Enterprise. Each plan offers the same basic features, with the differences being in the yearly visitor processing limit and the ability to upgrade with add-ons. Your WhosOnLocation plan can change as your needs grow as well.
  • Basic features include easy visitor sign-in, guest pre-registration, employee attendance tracking, evacuation management and more.
  • Integrate WhosOnLocation with TEMPbadge expiring badges for a more robust solution.

Are your needs growing? You're never stuck in a solution.

At IDenticard, we understand that Visitor Management needs are fluid, often growing or changing over time. Some organizations have concerns about investing in a solution, only to then outgrow it down the line. With that in mind, we help ensure that you’re never “stuck” through our offering of trade-in programs. Our trade-in programs include:
  • A $300 trade-in allowance when upgrading from TEMPbadge VMS to PassagePoint
  • A $200 trade-in allowance when upgrading from TEMPbadge VMS to WhosOnLocation


Compare Our Solutions

TEMPbadge VMS PassagePoint WhosOnLocation
Captures and stores visitor information
Checks visitors in and out
Keeps visitor information confidential
Contractor management
Employee attendance
Evacuation management
Standalone system
Cloud-based system
Network capabilities
Customizable screens
Card and license scanning
Photo capture
Badge printing
Self-expiring badge printing
Custom-printed badge option
Complete reporting capabilities
Multiple languages
Real-time database searches
Multiple user levels
Auto lookup (recurring visitor)
Web pre-registration
Hardware set-up wizard
Kiosk module for self-service sign-in
Access control integration
HL-7® integration

Looking for help with a program? We're here for you.

We know that the idea of Visitor Management can be overwhelming. With so many different things to consider, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our team features several experts who have years of experience helping organizations of all kinds find the perfect tool to securely process and monitor guests. We can assess your needs, discuss different features and even recommend a solution for you. This consultation is free, with no obligation. Interested? Click the button below and fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch.