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Zebra ZXP Series 9 Single-Sided Printer with Mag Encoder Ethernet

Zebra ZXP Series 9 Single-Sided Printer with Mag Encoder & Ethernet

Print professional, single-sided ID cards with this model of the Zebra ZXP Series 9

Item #: ZBR-910M0C0000US00
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Product Description

The ZXP Series 9 is the latest high-end ID card printer from Zebra®. This model offers industry-leading print speeds, high-quality imagery and a number of add-on features designed to keep pace with modern badging operations.

This is a retransfer printer, which makes it perfect for use with smart cards or cards with any sort of bump or indent. Retransfer printers (also known as reverse-transfer printers) work by printing the imagery on a thin transfer film, which is then fused to the card surface using heat. The transfer film is "tamper-evident," helping increase security. The result of the retransfer process is a durable, long-lasting imprint.

The ZXP Series 9 can print up to 190 single-sided cards or 180 dual-sided cards per hour, offering unbeatable speed. Adjustable print settings allow the user to make the print quality slightly lower in order to increase the print speed or to choose high-quality imagery for a slower print job.

This model of the ZXP Series 9 is for single-sided ID cards, and doesn't include lamination. Dual-sided ZXP Series 9 models, as well as models with single- and dual-sided lamination, are also available.

The ZXP Series 9 includes Zebra's Color Predictive Technology (CPT), which uses algorithms to get the best color for your cards.

For the security-focused, the ZXP Series 9 is available with custom holographic laminates and a locking card hopper.

Available ZXP Series 9 models include:

  • ZBR-91000C0000US00 Base model, single-sided printing and Ethernet connectivity for networked printing
  • ZBR-91000W0000US00 Single-sided printing with Ethernet and wireless connectivity
  • ZBR-91A00C0000US00 Single-sided printing with a contact and contactless encoder for smart cards, including MIFARE® cards
  • ZBR-91E00C0000US00 Single-sided printing with a contact smart encoder and ethernet
  • ZBR-910M0C0000US00 Single-sided printing with the bonus of a magnetic stripe encoder
  • ZBR-910M0W0000US00 Single-sided printing, a magnetic stripe encoder and mixed Ethernet/wireless connectivity
  • ZBR-91AM0C0000US00 Single-sided printing, contact and contactless encoders, a magnetic stripe encoder and Ethernet
  • ZBR-91EM0C0000US00 Single-sided printing, a magnetic stripe encoder and Ethernet

Zebra recommends this printer for all card applications, but particularly for government badging, student ID badges and employee badges.

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B. V.

Item: ZBR-910M0C0000US00
Printer Brand: Zebra®
Mfg Part Number: Z91-0M0C0000US00
Single or dual-sided?: Single-Sided Printing
Lamination: No
Warranty Tier: Security
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
Manufacterer Hot-Swap: Yes
Printhead Warranty: Lifetime
Print area: Over the Edge
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet
Print method: Reverse Transfer
Weight: 30
Dimensions: 13.2" x 18.75" x 20.4"
Input Size: CR80, 30 mils
Speed: Up to 190 cards per hour
Input Hopper: 150
Output Hopper: 100
Card Volume: High
Magnetic Stripe Encoding: Yes
Smart Card Encoding: No
Prox Card Encoding: No
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
  • Also known as:
  • Y4472894