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Zebra i Series Transfer Film ZXP Series 8 9 1250 Imprints

Zebra i Series Transfer Film (ZXP Series 8 & 9, 1,250 Imprints)

This transfer film is required to print badges with your ZXP Series 9.
Item #: ZBR-800012-601
Product Description

This transfer film is used by the Zebra ZXP Series 8 and Series 9 ID card printers to transfer your printed imagery to the surface of your card. Without transfer film, your printer will not be able to create ID cards.

This film is required because the ZXP Series 8 and Series 9 printers are reverse-transfer printers, not direct-to-card printers. This means that the imagery is applied to a the film, which is then applied to the card.

This roll of transfer film features 1,250 imprints, enough for more than a thousand single-sided cards or hundreds of dual-sided cards.

Item: ZBR-800012-601
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Mfg Part Number: 800012-601
Printer Brand: Zebra®
Printer Model: ZXP8, ZXP9
Printer Supply: Transfer Film
Ribbon Configuration: Clear Overlaminate
Number of Ribbon Prints: 1250
Quantity: No
Weight: 0.5
  • Also known as:
  • Y1131506