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YMCKH Printer Ribbon Fargo HDP5000 HDPii 500 Imprints

YMCKH Printer Ribbon (Fargo HDP5000 & HDPii, 500 Imprints)

Full-color printing and the added bonus of a heat seal panel make this Fargo ribbon an excellent choice for quality imaging.
HID® Fargo®
Item #: FAR-084056
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Product Description

Fargo's YMCKH printer ribbon contains individual panels of yellow, magenta, cyan and black resin, along with a heat seal panel. The heat seal panel helps the resin adhere more strongly to the surface of card, making it perfect for use with uneven cards or cards with slight indents or bumps due to internal technology. Smart card badging operations will benefit from the use of a heat seal panel.

The ribbon can be used to print cards with a full-color front and black text or a barcode on the back, or for printing full-color (including black), dual-sided cards. This ribbon is excellent for printing student ID cards, employee ID cards, hospital ID cards and more.

Each ribbon features 500 imprints.

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 1
Unit QTY 1
Price per Unit $237.25
Item: FAR-084056
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Mfg Part Number: 084056
Printer Brand: HID® Fargo®
Printer Model: HDP5000, HDP5000 (2013), HDPii
Printer Supply: Multicolor Ribbon
Ribbon Configuration: YMCKH
Number of Ribbon Prints: 500 prints
Quantity: N/A
Weight: 1
  • Also known as:
  • Y791861