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Upgrade to EPI Suite Lite 6x from Lite 55 or less

Upgrade to EPI Suite Lite 6.x from Lite 5.5 (or less)

Item #: EPI-11.14.01
Product Description

Power up your EPI Suite Lite 5.5 (or less) Photo ID software from to EPI Suite Lite 6.x

IWS EPI Suite Lite by ImageWare® Systems is the leading entry-level photo ID software. Designed with ease of use in mind, IWS EPI Suite Lite is simple to learn and comes with a number of automated features including ImageWare's "smart" face-finding tool that enables any camera to automatically find a face and center a picture. As a result, users can create consistent, great looking photo ID cards with minimal training.

IWS EPI Suite Lite is ideal for K-12 schools, health clubs, apartment complexes, civic organizations and corporations–virtually any small to medium sized organization needing to create a single ID card per person on a standalone workstation.


  • Smart face finding feature for consistent images on each ID
  • Dual-sided card design
  • Unlimited records
  • Includes a database
  • Magnetic stripe and bar code encoding
  • One ID per person
  • Three images per person
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Simple Chinese and Arabic
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Item: EPI-11.14.01
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