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Upgrade to EPI Suite Classic 6x from Lite 6x

Upgrade to EPI Suite Classic 6.x from Lite 6.x

Item #: EPI-11.14.09
Product Description

Power up your EPI Suite Lite 6.x to EPI Suite Classic 6.x

EPI Suite Classic by ImageWare® Systems is the leading mid-level photo ID and badging software. Designed to specifically meet the requirements of medium sized organizations such as hospitals, schools or corporations, IWS EPI Suite Classic enables users to design, populate and print hundreds of ID cards on a single workstation or a small work group.


  • Smart face finding feature for consistent images on each ID
  • Dual-sided card design
  • Unlimited records
  • Includes a database
  • Magnetic stripe and bar code encoding
  • Multiple ID cards per person
  • Five images per person
  • Create and delete cards in batches
  • Available in English, French,German, Spanish
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Item: EPI-11.14.09
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