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High Resolution Globe Holographic Laminate Ribbon with Micro Text Fargo DTC550 HDP600 Legacy 500 Imprints

"High Resolution Globe" Holographic Laminate Ribbon with Micro Text (Fargo DTC550, HDP600 & Legacy, 500 Imprints)

Protect your card with this laminate ribbon, which features two embedded card security features.
HID® Fargo®
Item #: FAR-082226
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Product Description

This laminate ribbon from Fargo is an ideal card security feature. The laminate ribbon features a holographic "High Resolution Globe" image and an embedded micro text security feature that make counterfeiting a card nearly impossible. This ribbon features 500 imprints.

The holographic image in the laminate helps prevent a card from being counterfeited: the material reflects light and can't be duplicated using a standard copier or printer, making counterfeiting difficult.

A second security feature is the micro text, which reads "Secure." This text is pre-printed on the ribbon and is so small and finely detailed that it can't be duplicated with standard inkjet or laser printers. These two security features come together to create a professional, secure credential.

The laminate itself will protect your card from damage as well, offering more resistance to fading, bending and cracking.

This ribbon is perfect for organizations looking to create secure government ID credentials, employee ID cards and more.

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 1
Unit QTY 1
Price per Unit $133.00
Item: FAR-082226
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Mfg Part Number: 082226
Printer Brand: HID® Fargo®
Printer Model: DTC550, HDP600, Legacy
Printer Supply: Overlaminate
Ribbon Configuration: HOLO
Number of Ribbon Prints: 500 prints
Quantity: N/A
Weight: 0.5
  • Also known as:
  • Y487855