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1-day single-piece adhesive tab-expiring badge thermal printable for TEMPbadge VMS and WhosOnLocation

1-day single-piece adhesive tab-expiring badge (thermal printable, for TEMPbadge™ VMS and WhosOnLocation™)

  • The perfect expiring badges for TEMPbadge VMS or WhosOnLocation
  • Quickly personalize with a thermal printer
  • Expires in 1-day time frame to prevent reuse
Item #: 02050
  • $197.00
  • $0.20 per Unit
Product Description

These adhesive expiring badges are the perfect expiring badges for your installation of the TEMPbadge Visitor Management System or WhosOnLocation web-based Visitor Management system. These badges are compatible with the TEMPbadge™ BP4 direct thermal visitor badge printer, which personalizes a badge with the visitor's information in just seconds.

The badges feature an adhesive back that makes it easy to attach them to a visitor: simply place the badge directly on the user's clothing, or attach to a reusable card back for a convenient badge-wearing solution.

These expiring visitor badges are easy to activate as well: just print out the badge with the visitor's data, fold the expiring tab under the badge to activate the expiration and apply! It's that easy. The badge will read "VOID" after one day to eliminate concerns about reuse.

Please note that the minimum order quantity for this product is 1,000 units; those are individual badges, not 1,000 rolls. An order of 1,000 badges will result in you receiving two rolls of 500 badges.

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 1000
Unit QTY 1000 5000 10000 25000 100000
Price per Unit $0.20 $0.19 $0.18 $0.18 $0.17
Item: 02050
Inventory Status: Stock
Type: Expiring
Badge Part: Full badge
Timeframe: N/A
No. of Pieces: Single-piece
Size: 2.8125" x 1.8125" (72 mm x 46 mm)
Personalization type: Thermal printable
Attachment Type: Adhesive
Weight/Box (lbs): 3
Packaging: Two rolls of 500 badges
Role Recognition: No
Parking accessory: No
Oversized: No
Spot/token: No
Custom printing available: No
Colored Top: No
School Themed: No
Inspection Band: No
Printed Title Header: No
Printer Type: No
  • Also known as:
  • 2050, CARDbacker,