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SMART Insert for Dual-Sided IDentiSMART ID Cards with Vertical Slot Data Collection Size 231 x 325

SMART Insert for Dual-Sided IDentiSMART ID Cards with Vertical Slot (Data Collection Size, 2.31" x 3.25")

This insert brings the power of MIFARE® product technology to your JetPak material.
Item #: SI-112
Product Description

JetPak synthetic paper ID cards are a convenient ID badge solution. They're durable, they're easy to create and they can be customized (in sharp detail and vivid color) using a standard inkjet printer.

How could JetPak cards possibly be better? Combine them with MIFARE® product technology to create an IDentiSMART card!

Please note: These are ONLY the smart inserts! To create a full IDentiSMART solution, you need to purchase JetPak material and laminating pouches separately! These inserts are not a standalone solution.

This all-plastic insert contains MIFARE Classic® 1K technology. It can be programmed to make payments, grant access, capture data and more. 

This insert is for use with dual-sided, data collection-sized JetPak material with a vertical slot; it will not work with JetPak material of other orientations or sizes.

  • The insert is 14-mils thick.
  • When combined with the appropriate JetPak material and laminating pouch, the finished IDentiSMART card will be 48-mils thick.
  • For vertical-slot, data collection-sized JetPak material only.
  • This insert cannot be combined with cards or pouches that have a magnetic stripe.

Required accessories

Dual-sided, data collection-sized JetPak material with vertical slot: C71-DCJPVSDC

Laminating pouch: F85-52VSDWP

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B. V.

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 200
Unit QTY 1
Price per Unit $3.69
Item: SI-112
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Card Dimensions: 2.31" x 3.25" (59 mm x 83 mm)
Card Material: Synthetic paper
Technology Format: MIFARE Classic® 1K
Card Thickness: 14 mils
Packaging: 100 cards per pack
  • Also known as:
  • Y865236