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SMART 31 Series ID Card Printers from IDP®

The SMART 31 series is an entry-level line of reliable, professional ID card printers from IDP®. A SMART 31 ID card printer is perfect for most average badging operations, able to produce consistent results, badge after badge.

We are proud to offer the SMART 31 in two different variations:

  • The SMART 31S, which is a single-sided printer capable of producing up to 156 color cards per hour
  • The SMART 31D, which is a dual-sided printer capable of producing up to 124 dual-sided cards per hour

Each SMART model is able to be upgraded, with available modules including Ethernet connectivity, card encoding and more.

We offer the SMART 31 as standalone printers, as kits and as bundles. 

The SMART 31 series replaces the SMART 30 series, which is no longer available.

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