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Single-Core JetPak ID Card with vertical slot Data Collection Size 2313 x 325

Single-Core JetPak™ ID Card with vertical slot (Data Collection Size, 2.313" x 3.25")

Pre-slotted for easy attachment, you can customize these ID cards using your inkjet printer
Item #: C71-JETVSDC
Product Description

Please note: JetPak cards require a laminating pouch to create a fully finished ID card. For this JetPak, we recommend pouch F87-73VSDWP.

Give your organization a better ID credential with JetPak™ ID cards from IDenticard™.

JetPak cards are more durable than PVC cards, along with being less susceptible to fading — laboratory tests prove it!

JetPak cards: it’s all in the material

The main difference between a JetPak card and a more common PVC card is the material each is made of. JetPak cards are made of a synthetic paper material. This material is microporous, allowing it to absorb ink.

This means JetPak cards can be printed on with a standard inkjet printer.

That’s right: that same printer you have in a corner in your office can be used to customize an ID card! IDenticard recommends using Epson® printers with DURABrite® inks, as we’ve found that kind of ink to consistently produce high-quality results.

JetPak cards ship in sheets similar to a sheet of office paper. Each sheet contains two single-core JetPak cards. Ordering a quantity of 100 cards (the minimum order quantity) will get you 50 sheets.

The synthetic paper is also sturdier than PVC, giving you a longer-lasting credential.

This JetPak insert will create a single-core, data collection-sized ID card (2.313” x 3.25”) with a vertical slot, meaning it’s meant to be used for vertical cards.

What is the difference between single-core and dual-core?

You'll see our JetPaks described as "single-core" and "dual-core." These "cores" don't refer to sides, but rather to the thickness of the card itself.

  • Single-core JetPak cards are made of a single layer of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 7/3 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 30 mils thick. We recommend these cards for customers that only want factory printing on one side of the card, with variable data printed on the other.
  • Dual-core JetPak cards are made of two layers of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 5/2 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 34 mils thick. The template for these cards can be configured to allow you to print both sides of the card in a single pass, saving time.

JetPak is a two-part solution

A finished JetPak ID card is made up of two different parts: the JetPak insert (this product) and a laminating pouch.

A JetPak is created by first printing your card on the synthetic paper material. You think pop your cardstock out of the pre-cut sheet of material, and place it in the laminating pouch. Put that pouch in a laminating machine, and presto: a fully finished ID card.

A truly secure ID card

Along with being durable and easy to customize, security is one of the best features of a JetPak ID card.

We’re able to include nearly a dozen different security features on a JetPak card. Choose from small text that can barely be detected by the naked eye or IDentiGuard holographic foil stamping, which reflects light and makes counterfeiting nearly impossible.

We have even more features that we don’t want to divulge here, for security reasons.

Government and law enforcement agencies across the country agree: JetPak is the perfect choice for a secure ID card.

We can print them for you!

Staring down a big print job, one that you don’t want to tackle alone? Let us help! We can print custom JetPak cards for you, including your logo, colors or other custom design, and ship them to you! That way, all you have to print on-site is the variable user data, like names or photos, saving you time and ink. Please contact us if you’re interested in custom JetPak cards.

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 100
Unit QTY 100 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
Price per Unit $2.04 $1.65 $1.12 $0.91 $0.84 $0.78 $0.71
Tariff Percentage: No %
Card Dimensions: 2.32" x 3.25" (59 mm x 83 mm)
Card Material: Synthetic paper
Common Card Size: Data Collection
Card Thickness: 10 mils
Magnetic Stripe: No
Customizable: Yes
Slotted: Yes - Vertical
Packaging: 50 sheets, two cards per sheet
  • Also known as:
  • Y864896