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Rigid Plastic Vertical Two-card Shielded Badge Holder with thumb slots 3-38 x 2-18 3-38 x 2-18

Rigid Plastic Vertical Two-card Shielded Badge Holder with thumb slots, 3-3/8" x 2-1/8", 3-3/8" x 2-1/8"

Two-card holder protects against skimming and identity theft
Item #: SH-2R
Badge Holders Interactive Tool
Product Description

This rigid plastic badge holder features a thumb notch on both sides for easy card removal. It is FIPS approved. Slots on back accommodate vertical or horizontal use - same holder can be used for both orientations. Meets BAA (Buy America) & TAA (Trade Agreements) Acts. It attaches to any lanyard, badge reel or strap clip. Can hold up to two cards. Slot pull strength of 89 lbs.

CardProtectors™ shielded smart card holders protect personal information against unauthorized access on contactless credit or debit cards or any 13.56 MHz RFID technology card including MIFARE, iClass, PIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC cards.

  • Measures 3 3/8" x 2 1/8". 
  • Minimum quantity of 50.
Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 50
Unit QTY 50 100 500 1000 2500 5000 10000 25000
Price per Unit $3.24 $3.20 $3.17 $3.13 $3.09 $3.06 $2.83 $2.36
Item: SH-2R
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Design Type: Rigid
Layout: Vertical
Thickness: 0.022" (0.56 mm)
Size: Standard
Material: Vinyl
Capacity: Multi-card
Dimensions Outside: 2.31" x 3.44" (59 mm x 87 mm)
Dimensions Insert: 2.13" x 3.38" (54 mm x 86 mm)
Extraction Type: Thumbnotch
Attachment: Slot
Color: Clear
Clothing-friendly: No
Resealable closure: No
Locking card case: No
Anti-print transfer: No
Shielded for identity protection: Yes
Eco-Friendly: No
Wallet: No
Multiple Card Holder: Yes
Blue: N/A
  • Also known as:
  • Y985685, 1840-5081
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