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Long Card Cleaning Kit SMART 31 and 51 10 Pieces

Long Card Cleaning Kit (SMART 31 and 51, 10 Pieces)

Keep your printer running smoothly with this cleaning kit.
Item #: IDP-659909
Product Description

This cleaning kit can be used to help keep your SMART 31 or 51 series printer running smoothly. Regular cleanings help remove dust, dirt and other debris from the inside of your printer, ensuring high-quality printing, time after time.

This kit features 10 long cleaning cards.

Item: IDP-659909
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Mfg Part Number: 659909
Printer Brand: IDP
Printer Model: SMART 31 Series, SMART 51 Series
Printer Supply: Cleaning Supplies
Ribbon Configuration: N/A
Number of Ribbon Prints: N/A
Quantity: 10 pieces
Weight: 1
  • Also known as:
  • Y2549974