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Long Cleaning Card Kit (SMART 30 and 50 series)

Cleaning cards will help your SMART printer continually print quality badges.
Item #: IDP-659009
  • $40.00
  • $40.00 per Unit
Product Description

Keeping your printer free of dust, dirt, lint and other debris with regular cleanings will help prolong the life of your machine and ensure contiually high print quality. These long cleaning cards will pass through your machine and pick up dust and lint, ensuring that such debris doesn't get in the way of your badge production.

Each kit contains ten long cleaning cards compatible with SMART 30 and 50 series ID card printers. The kit will ensure that you are able to perform several routine cleanings, keeping your SMART printer in great shape.

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 1
Unit QTY 1
Price per Unit $40.00
Item: IDP-659009
Mfg Part Number: 659008
Printer Brand: IDP
Printer Model: SMART 30 Series, SMART 50 Series
Printer Supply: Cleaning Supplies
Ribbon Configuration: No
Number of Ribbon Prints: N/A
Quantity: No
Weight: 0.5
  • Also known as:
  • Y2549974