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Cleaning Roller Kit SMART 51

Cleaning Roller Kit (SMART 51)

Keep your cards dust-free with an adhesive cleaning roller.
Item #: IDP-659005
Product Description

Dust and other debris can be a card printer's worst enemy, causing degraded print quality or even damage to your printheads. You can stop those problems before they even arise with a cleaning roller kit for your SMART 30 or 50 series printer.

The cleaning roller kit uses an adhesive material to remove dust and dirt from your PVC cards as they are fed into the printer, meaning that once they reach your printhead, they're clean and dust-free. This process helps keep dust and dirt from ever reaching the internal workings of your printer, cutting down on the risk of build-up or damage.

The cleaning roller kit contains ten individual adhesive rolls, allowing you to remove the dust from dozens of cards.

Item: IDP-659005
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Mfg Part Number: 659005
Printer Brand: IDP
Printer Model: SMART 30 Series, SMART 50 Series
Printer Supply: Cleaning Supplies
Ribbon Configuration: N/A
Number of Ribbon Prints: N/A
Quantity: 10 pieces
Weight: 1
  • Also known as:
  • Y1078214