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IDP 659000 YMCFKO Ribbon for Smart 30 Series, Smart 50 Series - IDP-659000

YMCFKO Printer Ribbon (SMART 30 and 50 series)

Ideal for full-color printing, this ribbon features a bonus UV panel.
Item #: IDP-659000
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  • $89.00
  • $89.00 per Unit
Product Description

For organizations seeking to do detailed, full-color printing, this ribbon is a perfect solution. Designed for SMART 30 and 50 series printers, this ribbon will print up to 200 full-color ID badges.

The ribbon is called a YMCFKO ribbon due to the panels it contains: yellow, magenta and cyan for color printing, "K" for black and "O" for a thin layer of protective overlay. The "F" layer is a bonus layer of fluorescent resin that prints details that only appear under UV light, making it excellent for use as an added security measure. The UV print can't be duplicated by standard copiers or printers, making counterfeiting nearly impossible.

Each ribbon features a bonus cleaning roller, which will remove dust and lint from your cards prior to printing to prevent streaking or spotting and ensure maximum quality.

This product was formerly listed under SKU "SMART-YMCKFO."

Item: IDP-659000
Mfg Part Number: 659000
Printer Brand: IDP
Printer Model: SMART 30 Series, SMART 50 Series
Printer Supply: No
Ribbon Configuration: YMCFKO
Number of Ribbon Prints: 200 prints
Quantity: No
Weight: 0.5
  • Also known as:
  • Y1077999