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YMCKO Ribbon for Printers SMART 30s and SMART 50s ribbon

YMCKO Ribbon for Printers (SMART 30s and SMART 50s ribbon)

This ribbon is a perfect for those seeking a full-color badge.
Item #: IDP-650634
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Product Description

Perfect for those seeking a professional, colorful solution, this ribbon create high-quality, full-color PVC ID badges. Compatible with all SMART 30 and 50 series printers, each ribbon features 250 imprints per roll.

This ribbon is known as a YMCKO ribbon due to the colors it contains: yellow, magenta, cyan, black and a thin overlay. This ribbon is great for printing photos, graphics, logos, text and more.

Each ribbon comes with a cleaning roller that removes dust and lint from cards prior to printing, preventing spotting and streaking to ensure maximum print quality.

This product was formerly listed as SKU "SMART-YMCKO."

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 1
Unit QTY 1
Price per Unit $60.00
Item: IDP-650634
Tariff Percentage: No %
Mfg Part Number: 650634
Printer Brand: IDP
Printer Model: SMART 30 Series, SMART 50 Series
Printer Supply: No
Ribbon Configuration: YMCKO
Number of Ribbon Prints: 250 prints
Quantity: No
Weight: 0.4
  • Also known as:
  • Y1077997