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PVC Cards

PVC and composite ID cards are probably the two most common credential materials around, and for good reason: they're simple, familiar and reliable.

We offer dozens of different options, including standard PVC cards, composite cards and recycled cards.

Each card shown below can be customized using a standard PVC ID card printer; for cards that can be customized with an inkjet printer, see our JetPak™ ID cards.

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Create quality credentials with our PVC ID cards, composite ID cards, recycled ID cards and more


You want a simple, straightforward ID card. But look at all those options above! Where do you start?


We'll run through our offering of PVC, composite and recycled ID cards with you, giving you a little more information and helping you make a more informed purchase.


PVC ID Cards Simple and straightforward, these cards are about as basic as cards can be. They're made of 100% PVC and are sold blank. We offer PVC cards in several different sizes and thickness levels, but the most common PVC ID card size is CR80/credit card size (2.13" x 3.38"), with the most common thickness being 30 mils. If you're not picky and just want something to print a name and photo on, PVC is for you.


Composite ID Cards Composite cards are a mixture of PVC and polyester. Most of our composite cards are actually PVC sandwiches: they contain outer layers of PVC (which is what allows them to be customized by standard PVC printers) wrapped around an inner layer of polyester. Truthfully, you wouldn't notice much of a difference if you held a PVC card in one hand and a composite card in the other. We offer both 60/40 and 80/20 composite cards. Those numbers refer to the card's composition: 60% PVC and 40% polyester for 60/40, or 80% PVC and 20% polyester for 80/20. Composite cards are more durable than normal PVC cards, and are better for heavy lamination.


Magnetic Stripe ID Cards We offer both PVC and composite magnetic stripe cards. At their core, both magnetic stripe cards do the same thing: they offer identification and a few functions, thanks to the magnetic stripe. Magnetic stripes are often programmed to open doors, make payments and record attendance. If you're going to be using magnetic stripe cards, it's a good idea to laminate them to avoid your print wearing off. We offer both HICO and LOCO magnetic stripes. HICO (high coercivity) stripes are black in color, and are designed to be a long-term solution, perfect for employee badges. LOCO (low coercivity) stripes are more brown in color, and are meant for short-term use, like hotel room keys.


Stickyback Cards These adhesive-backed PVC cards are designed to be attached to existing tech credentials. Stickyback cards allow you to add removable customization to these pricey cards. That way, if an employee leaves your organization, you can simply peel off the custom portion and reissue the tech card. Learn more about stickyback cards in our recent blog post, What is a Stickyback Card and How Is It Used?


We also offer additional card types, like biodegradable PVC and recycled PVC. Browse our full offering above and choose your favorite. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!