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JetPak™ ID Cards

JetPak™ ID cards are our own brand of unique, durable ID credential. 

Made of a synthetic paper, JetPak cards are proven to be more durable than PVC cards and can be customized using a standard inkjet printer.

To use our JetPak cards, you must purchase both an insert (shown below) and the accompanying JetPak laminating pouch.

What is the difference between single-core and dual-core JetPaks?

You'll see our JetPaks described as "single-core" and "dual-core." These "cores" don't refer to sides, but rather to the thickness of the card itself.

  • Single-core JetPak cards are made of a single layer of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 7/3 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 30 mils thick. We recommend these cards for customers that only want factory printing on one side of the card, with variable data printed on the other.
  • Dual-core JetPak cards are made of two layers of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 5/2 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 34 mils thick. The template for these cards can be configured to allow you to print both sides of the card in a single pass, saving time.

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JetPak™ ID cards: Durable synthetic paper with inkjet-printable convenience

Looking for an ID card solution that doesn't require the investment in a pricey PVC ID card printer?

You found one!

JetPak cards are our own synthetic paper ID cards, customizable using a standard inkjet printer. Yes, that same printer that's sitting in the corner of your office can be used to create professional ID cards with vibrant colors and sharp, clear text.

JetPak cards are a two-part solution:

The JetPak insert is what you print your imagery on. These inserts, seen above, ship in sheets similar to a sheet of paper, allowing you to print both sides of your ID credential in a single pass. The inserts are made of a synthetic paper that is able to absorb the ink from inkjet printers.

The JetPak laminating pouch is what finishes your credential. Simply place your printed insert inside the pouch and run it through your laminating machine. The result is a fully finished, professional ID card, perfect for use as an employee badge, student ID card and more.

JetPak cards are particularly popular with government and law enforcement organizations for one big reason: they can be loaded with security features.

JetPak cards offer nearly a dozen individual security features, including text so small that it's hard to see with the naked eye, imagery that only appears under a certain kind of light and more. We're not going to divulge all of them here, for security reasons. However, if your goal is a secure ID card, JetPak is the card for you.

JetPak cards can also be created in custom shapes and sizes, making it easy to create a credential as unique as your organization.

With more durability, easier printing, more security features and more sizes than PVC, it's easy to see why JetPak has become the ID card or choice for hundreds of customers.

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