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Standard ID Cards

You just want an ID card.

You don't want any fancy internal technology. You want something that works, something that identifies your employees or students. Maybe a magnetic stripe, maybe some lamination. Nothing too crazy.

This is the place for you! We offer plenty of basic ID credentials, including JetPak™ synthetic paper ID cards, PVC ID cards, composite ID cards and more.

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Standard ID Cards: Effective, no-frills identification


These cards offer the basics: easy customization with a PVC or inkjet printer, several size options and a variety of materials to choose from.


If your organization is just looking to issue simple ID cards with a photo, logo and a few lines of text, you'll find your solution here. These cards are perfect as basic employee badges, student ID cards, government ID credentials and more.


We refer to the ID cards in this category as "standard" simply because they don't contain any internal technology. Other cards, like smart cards and proximity cards, contain internal wires and chips that allow those cards to interact with card readers to perform a variety of functions. 


However, to say that our standard ID cards don't "do" anything wouldn't be accurate: a variety of these cards feature a magnetic stripe, either HICO (high energy, black in color and perfect for long-term use) or LOCO (low energy, brownish in color and meant for short-term use). These cards can be programmed to open doors, make payments, record attendance and more.


We offer two distinct subsets of standard ID cards:


JetPak™ ID Cards JetPak cards are our own brand of ID cards. These cards are made of a durable synthetic paper, which makes them very unique: they're able to be customized using a standard inkjet printer! Yes, no more worries about buying a dedicated PVC ID card printer. JetPak cards are a two-piece solution. They require a JetPak insert (in this category) and the accompanying JetPak laminating pouch. Once laminated, you get a fully finished, professional credential. JetPak cards are the perfect ID cards for smaller organizations who only print a couple dozen cards per month.

Composite and PVC ID Cards This category contains dozens of ID cards of all sizes, materials and colors. We offer standard PVC cards, 60/40 composite cards, 80/20 composite cards and even colored PVC cards. This category also features several different magnetic stripe ID cards, including HICO, LOCO and even dual-magnetic stripe cards! These cards are great for organizations that will be churning out a high volume of cards per month. These cards all require a dedicated PVC ID card printer for customization.

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