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Smart Cards & Accessories

Our smart cards and accessories contain internal technology that allow them to perform a variety of functions, including granting access, processing payments and more.

Our SMART inserts for JetPak™ cards are a great way to add technology to what's already a great solution, while accessories contain an adhesive that allows them to be attached to an existing card to make it "smart."

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Add a brain to your ID program with smart cards and accessories from IDenticard™


Our "smart" products are a great way to enhance any ID program. Smart cards, smart tags and smart discs bring a wealth of functionality to any ID program, taking it from a plain ol' ID to a "thinking" credential in no time.


IDenticard offers a variety of smart products, each of which contains a MIFARE Classic® 1K chip. These chips, among the most popular variations of MIFARE® product technology, are able to be programmed to perform a variety of tasks. MIFARE Classic® 1K chips can be programmed to open doors, make payments, record biometric information, record attendance and more.


We offer two different types of smart products:


Smart Cards Also known as OmniSMART cards, these smart cards are a combination of our synthetic paper JetPak™ cards and a MIFARE Classic® 1K insert. These plastic inserts are placed inside of the synthetic paper JetPak inserts, which are then placed inside a laminating pouch to create a finished solution. Think of it as a tech ID card sandwich! 


Smart Tags and Discs These tiny pieces of MIFARE Classic® 1K technology provide all of the functionality of a standard smart card in a tiny, convenient package. Around the size of a coin, these products can be attached to a keychain or stuck onto the back of an existing credential to add a touch of "smart" functionality.


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