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Proximity Cards and Accessories

Looking for an affordable, reliable proximity card? Need it quickly?

IDentiPROX™ is the card for you!

Available in several different proximity formats and compatible with some 125 kHz HID®-brand proximity formats, IDentiPROX cards are a great proximity access solution for organizations of all kinds.

Get 'em fast! Orders of 1,000 IDentiPROX cards or fewer have a turnaround time of just days. Get free shipping on online orders of more than $99!

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Proximity cards and accessories: IDentiPROX™ offers the same access at a more affordable price


You run a proximity-based access control system. You've been using the same big-brand cards for years now. Why switch?


Because you can get the same proximity access more quickly and oftentimes for a lower price by switching to IDentiPROX! 


IDentiPROX cards and key fobs operate on the same 125kHz frequency as HID®-brand proximity cards. Our IDentiPROX credentials are compatible with certain 125kHz HID® formats, meaning that in many cases, IDentiPROX can serve as a direct replacement for HID® cards and fobs.


IDentiPROX key fobs and cards are available in several different bit formats as well, including 26-bit, 35-bit and 37-bit.


What else makes IDentiPROX great?


We make IDentiPROX ourselves, in our own factories. This allows us to stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.


Because we make them ourselves, we can get IDentiPROX products to you quickly. Orders of 1,000 IDentiPROX cards or fewer have a turnaround time of just 48 hours, while our key fobs have a lead time of five days, regardless of quantity.


IDentiPROX products are available in a number of different form factors. We offer PVC IDentiPROX cards, composite IDentiPROX cards, IDentiPROX cards with a magnetic stripe, clamshell IDentiPROX cards and plastic IDentiPROX key fobs. Whatever your preference may be, we've got an IDentiPROX product for you.