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Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies from IDenticard are the perfect role-recognition tool for doctors, nurses, CNAs, medics and other personnel. 

These durable cards are pre-laminated and feature bold text and bright colors for easy recognition of the wearer's title.

Badge Buddies are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations. The role-recognition cards can be easily attached to an existing ID credential with a lanyard, strap clip or badge reel for a complete ID solution. Cards are pre-laminated and feature bright colors and bold text, making it easy to see the wearer's title.

We offer a number of Badge Buddies ideal for hospitals, medical centers, surgical centers and more. If you don't see a Badge Buddy below that meets your needs, we also offer custom Badge Buddies that you can design online.

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Badge Buddies: Durable, attention-getting role-recognition cards


Badge Buddies are a great way to add the convenience of role-recogntion to an existing ID badge program without having to issue completely new badges.


Role recognition is of particular relevance in the world of healthcare. Many organizations require that a worker's title be displayed clearly, while some states, including Texas and Pennsylvania, have actually passed laws requiring that a worker's title be clearly visible.


The reason? To ensure that the person is qualified to provide care, sure, but also to make things easier on the patients. Wearing bright, visible Badge Buddies is a great way to make it clear to a patient that the person who just entered the room is a CNA.


We offer Badge Buddies in several different formats:


Horizontal Badge Buddies These Badge Buddies are for use with horizontal CR80/credit card-sized ID cards. The Badge Buddies are the same width as those cards (3.38") but are a little bit longer, allowing the printed title and color bar to show below the card.


Vertical Badge Buddies Use these Badge Buddies with vertical CR80-sized ID cards. These Badge Buddies are 2.13" wide, but are 4.25" long to allow the printed title and color bar to hang beneath the attached 3.38"-long badge.


Design your own Badge Buddies Not finding what you want? Our interactive tool makes it easy to create custom Badge Buddies online. Choose your color, your font and your text, and see an instant proof right there on the screen. 


Badge Buddies Kits We also offer complete kits that allow you to print your own Badge Buddies on-site. These kits feature synthetic paper inserts, laminating pouches and a printer. We also offer several custom Badge Buddies templates as well, making it easy to make your own.