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ID Cards & Accessories

A good, professional ID card is the cornerstone of any successful ID and security program.

Our offering of ID cards and accessories spans the entire ID industry, from plain PVC cards to access wristbands that put the functionality of a smart card right on your wrist.

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Interested in custom ID cards? Let us know! We can create fully finished ID cards for you, including the creation of a custom design featuring your logo, colors and more.

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ID Cards from IDenticard: PVC ID cards, proximity cards, smart cards, key fobs and more


We've got everything you need to start an ID program from scratch or to upgrade the one you have in place. "ID" is right there in our name, and it's our area of expertise. Our line of ID cards and accessories includes every kind of credential an ID program could ever need. We offer PVC cards, smart cards, proximity cards and more.


Looking to create simple employee badges? Go with a standard PVC card. Looking for cutting-edge government ID credentials? Try a smart card


Whatever your ID needs may be, IDenticard has you covered.


Standard ID Cards When we say "standard", we simply mean that these cards don't contain any internal technology. Some of these cards have a HICO or LOCO magnetic stripe, while others are just ID-only PVC or composite. Standard ID cards include PVC ID cards, 60/40 composite cards, 80/20 composite cards and recycled cards. This section also includes our famous JetPak™ synthetic paper cards, which offer professional ID creation using an inkjet printer. These "standard" cards are perfect for an organization looking for something simple.


Proximity Cards and Accessories Use these cards and key fobs in your access control program as an effective alternative to physical keys. Our IDentiPROX™ proximity cards are a fast, affordable alternative to some HID®-brand proximity cards, while our key fobs attach to your key ring for simple, convenient access. IDentiPROX products are made by us, and are backed by a manufacturer's warranty.


Smart Cards and Accessories These cards contain internal technology, usually a MIFARE Classic® 1K smart chip. Smart cards are extremely flexible, able to to be programmed to perform a variety of tasks. Made of both PVC and synthetic paper, they're also easy to customize and make a great ID card.


Badge Buddies Badge Buddies are our synthetic paper role-recognition cards, perfect for use in busy healthcare settings. Badge Buddies hang behind an existing badge and use bold colors and large text to advertise the wearer's title. Badge Buddies often satisfy state healthcare ID requirements, including those in Texas and Pennsylvania. Badge Buddies are available in more than a dozen stock styles, or you can create your own Badge Buddies online.


Laminating Pouches These polyester/polyethylene pouches are a great way to protect your ID card from damage, adding years of life to your credential and allowing you to save money on replacement cards. Pouches are available in a variety of sizes and with different levels of thickness. Please note that a laminating machine is required to use these pouches.


Protective Overlays Overlays are a great way to protect just the face of your ID card, and to marginally increase security. We offer standard clear overlays that protect the print on your card from scratches and smudges, or we offer holographic security overlays that help protect your organization from ID card counterfeiting.


UBand™ Access Wristbands UBand is our innovative contactless access solution, providing the functionality of a card in the convenient form factor of a silicone wristband. UBand is available with either a MIFARE Classic® 1K chip or a proximity chip. Customize UBand with your colors or logo for a unique, attention-getting access solution. Go beyond the card!


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