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Horizontal PT Badge Buddies Green bar 338 x 309

Horizontal "PT" Badge Buddies (Green bar, 3.38" x 3.09")

Help your physical therapy patients know who's caring for them by issuing these green Badge Buddies to your therapists.
Item #: BBH-PT-G
Design Your Own Badge Buddy
Product Description

Identify your physical therapists using these bright green Badge Buddies

Physical therapists are focused on one goal: getting their patients back to health! They shouldn't have to worry about being misidentified when going on home visits, or about declaring themselves to every patient they see.

Make it easier for these personnel to be identified by issuing these green Badge Buddies for physical therapists!

Badge Buddies are synthetic paper role-recognition cards that use bright colors and bold text to display a worker's title. By using Badge Buddies, everyone will be able to see with a quick glance that the wearer is a PT, making things easier on patients, guests and staff.

By using Badge Buddies, you're eliminating confusion for your patients. Badge Buddies add role recognition to any ID program without requiring the issuing of new badges. In many cases, Badge Buddies can be used to satisfy state healthcare ID laws (including HB 1482 in Pennsylvania and  HB 2897 in Texas).

With Badge Buddies, your patients and PTs will be able to focus on the common goal of feeling better, without worrying about ID.

  • Should be used with credit card-sized ID cards, 3.38" x 2.13" (also known as CR80 cards)
  • Measure 3.38" x 3.09"
  • Slotted for easy attachment with a badge reel, strap clip or lanyard
  • Laminated for additional durability

We also offer these Badge Buddies for PTs in red (SKU BBH-PT-R) and in vertical format (SKU BBV-PT-G).

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 25
Unit QTY 25 100 250 500 1000
Price per Unit $1.98 $1.50 $1.45 $1.40 $1.37
Item: BBH-PT-G
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Card Material: Synthetic paper
Card Dimensions: 3.38" x 3.09" (86 mm x 78 mm)
Bar Color: Green
Orientation: Horizontal
Card Thickness: 30 mils
Printed Text: PT
Weight: 0.01
Packaging: 25 Badge Buddies per pack
  • Also known as:
  • Y4178704
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