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Dual-Sided Simultaneous Lamination Module (Fargo HDP8500)

Coat your ID badge or card in two layers of protection at the same time.
Item #: FAR-088910
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  • $4,000.00
  • $4,000.00 per Unit
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Product Description

This add-on module for the Fargo HDP8500 allows the printer to laminate both sides of a PVC ID badge or card at the same time. This process cuts down on print time while still protecting both the front and back of a card. Laminated ID credentials are more durable and resistant to fading than standard credentials.

Please note that this is the add-on module only, and that the Fargo HDP8500 printer must be purchased separately.

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Item: FAR-088910
Printer Brand: HID® Fargo®
Mfg Part Number: 88910
Single or dual-sided?: No
Lamination: Dual Simultaneous Lamination
Warranty Tier: No
Manufacturer Warranty: No
Manufacterer Hot-Swap: No
Printhead Warranty: No
Print area: N/A
Connectivity: No
Print method: N/A
Weight: 29
Dimensions: N/A
Input Size: CR 80, 30-50 mils
Speed: N/A
Input Hopper: N/A
Output Hopper: N/A
Card Volume: N/A
Magnetic Stripe Encoding: No
Smart Card Encoding: No
Prox Card Encoding: No
  • Also known as:
  • Y2800088