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Fargo HDP5600 600 dpi Dual-Sided Card Printer

Fargo HDP5600 600 dpi Dual-Sided Card Printer

Create high-definition, dual-sided cards with the latest HDP printer from Fargo.
HID® Fargo®
Item #: FAR-093640
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Product Description

Looking to create a high volume of professional, dual-sided ID credentials for your organization? Look no further the the Fargo® HDP5600, the latest PVC ID card printer in Fargo's high-definition printing line.

What is high-definition printing? With this model, it's a print resolution of 600 dpi, for stunning image quality, vibrant colors and sharp text. The HDP5600 is a reverse-transfer printer. A reverse-transfer printer prints your imagery and text onto a thin layer of HDP film, which is then fused to your card.

Unlike direct-to-card printers, reverse-transfer printers never put their printhead in contact with your card's surface, easing strain on this vital part of your machine.

This model of the Fargo HDP5600 is a dual-sided model. It offers 600 dpi resolution on both the front and back of your ID cards. It's meant to be a high-volume solution, perfect for printing thousands of employee badges or student ID cards.

The Fargo HDP5600 offers a number of features, including:

  • The ability to print nearly 17 million unique color shades
  • Over-the-edge printing on CR80/credit card-sized (2.13” x 3.38”) cards ó no more white borders around your credentials!
  • A 100-card input hopper and 200-card output hopper give you plenty of space to run large jobs
  • Compatibility with Windows® 7, 8 and 10
  • A three-year manufacturer's warranty, including a year of loaner support

We also offer a number of variations of this model of the HDP5600. The variations listed below include all of the features listed above, along with the extras mentioned next to each SKU.

  • FAR-093641 Includes a magnetic stripe encoder
  • FAR-093648>/strong> Includes a smart card encoder
  • FAR-093649 Includes proximity and smart card encoders
  • FAR-093650 Includes magnetic stripe and smart card encoders
  • FAR-093651 Includes magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card encoders
  • FAR-093652 Includes proximity and smart card encoders
  • FAR-093653 Includes magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card encoders (Omnikey CardMan 5121 and 5125)
  • FAR-093655 Includes proximity and smart card encoders (Omnikey CardMan 5127)
  • FAR-093656 Includes magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card encoders (Omnikey CardMan 5127)

This HDP5600 model will have you creating quality ID credentials in no time. Order online today, and receive free shipping!

Item: FAR-093640
Printer Brand: HID® Fargo®
Mfg Part Number: 093640
Single or dual-sided?: Dual-Sided Printing
Lamination: No
Warranty Tier: Security
Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years
Manufacterer Hot-Swap: 1 year
Printhead Warranty: Lifetime
Print area: Over the Edge
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet
Print method: Reverse Transfer
Weight: 22
Dimensions: 11.5" x 17.50" x 9.25"
Input Size: CR80/credit card size, 2.13" x 3.38" (54 mm x 86 mm)
Speed: YMCK with transfer - 150 cph, YMCKK with transfer - 75 cph
Input Hopper: 100
Output Hopper: 200
Card Volume: High
Magnetic Stripe Encoding: No
Smart Card Encoding: No
Prox Card Encoding: No
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
  • Also known as:
  • Y4263217