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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Order Process

Production Guidelines

The Lanyard Creator™ Design Configuration Tool

Order Changes, Cancellations and Returns

Order Process

How long does it take for my order to ship?

A: Order lead times vary by lanyard styles and quantity. The lead time indicated for the lanyard material and imprinting style within the Lanyard Creator™ reflects the number of required production days. It does not include the artwork approval process and shipping transit time which are dependent on factors beyond our control.

Can I place a rush order?

A: We always strive to meet our customers’ needs. If you are up against a deadline, rush orders are possible although they may incur special handling charges. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 800.233.0298 between 8:30 AM and 6 PM EST Monday through Thursday or 8:30 AM and 5 PM on Friday. We will do our best to accommodate your particular needs and make appropriate recommendations.

What is the artwork approval process and how long does it take?

A: When we receive a custom order with design elements, our art department will layout the design and imprinting elements in an digital art proof and forward the proof to you for review. This is to ensure that we have correctly captured and interpreted the design aspects of your order. Our turnaround time is within 24 hours per approval cycle and production will not begin until we have received final approval from you.

Can I get a physical sample before approving my order?

A: Samples are available upon request. On very large orders or those with unusual details, we recommend that you work closely with us on the specific requirements. Sometimes this will result in the need for a pre-production sample. While a pre-production sample adds to the overall production time we’ll do our best to accommodate your special requirements. Please call for details and pricing.

Do you have an overrun or under run policy?

A: We aim to always ship the exact quantity you order. However, due to the nature of the lanyard production process, we reserve the right to ship and invoice +/- 5% of the requested quantity. We are able to make special provisions if you need an exact quantity. Please call for details since an additional charge may apply.

What packaging options are available?

A: Lanyards are carefully bundled in polyester bags of 100 pieces. We can accommodate other quantities or special packing requests. Please call or email us for more information.

What are my shipping options?

A: Orders produced in our North American facility will either ship by ground (default) or express air. Orders produced by our overseas factory will either ship by sea or by air. You are encouraged to decide on the best delivery options based on lead time and cost considerations.

Production Guidelines

What is silk-screening?

A: Silk-screen imprinting is a method of transferring ink onto a fabric surface through the designs outlined in a fine mesh screen. This method produces very good to exceptional quality yet is the most economical due to its simplicity. Advances in screen printing have made it possible to create depth and gloss through additional ink application passes, rendering high-quality, decal-like results.

What is dye-sublimation?

A: Dye-sublimation is a method of transferring ink onto a fabric surface using special heat-sensitive transfer paper and equipment. Through the precise application of heat, ink colors embedded in the paper are vaporized and solidify within the fabric as they cool. This method allows for a wide array of colors, detailed resolution and edge-to-edge printing. Since the ink infuses the lanyard fabric it is also less likely to crack, fade or become distorted over time.

What is woven-in?

A: Woven-in is a method of integrating the design into the fabric as the lanyard is being weaved. This method allows for text, designs, and logos to actually become part of the fabric since each color thread is  weaved to follow the design patterns, resulting in an extremely durable finish.

What is continuous printing?

A: Continuous printing is a method in which the image is repeated in a continuous string along the entire length of the fabric. Unless otherwise requested, designs are continuously printed.

What is positional printing?

A: Positional printing is a method in which the image is set up and aligned in a specified position. The artwork positions of the left and right sides are typically symmetric and require special handling.

What types of materials are available?

A: We offer several lanyard materials as standard options. Please call if you don’t see what you need.

Flat Polyester: High quality polyester in tightly weaved lines is ideal for silk-screening and dye-sublimation imprinting. The most versatile and popular material for producing custom imprints.

Flat Weave: A tubular woven polyester material, flattened to allow for imprinting. Soft to the touch like a well-worn sock. Can be imprinted using silk-screening.

Braided: Polyester material braided into cords for extra strength and durability. Offered in 1/8” and 1/4” diameters.

Woven-In: Your “Imprinted” message is woven into the lanyard fabric to create a durable uniform look and feel to the finished product.

What are the standard length and the maximum imprinting area?

A: Lanyards are cut to a standard length of 36 inches when measured end-to-end before any finishing work is done. If you need a special length please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The following are the available widths and associated imprinting areas.

Silk-screen continuous print

3/8” (10mm) 18 ½” x 1/4” (470 x 6mm)

5/8” (16mm) 18 ½” x 7/16” (470 x 11mm)

3/4” (19mm) 18 ½” x 9/16” (470 x 14mm)

1” (25mm) 18 ½” x 11/16” (470 x 17mm)

Dye-sublimated continuous print

3/8” (10mm) 17” x 1/4” (432 x 6mm)

5/8” (16mm) 17” x 7/16” (432 x 11mm)

3/4” (19mm) 17” x 9/16” (432 x 14mm)

1” (25mm) 17” x 11/16” (432 x 17mm)

What are color and artwork specifications?

A: We use the widely accepted Pantone “C” color Matching System (PMS) as our standard and can accommodate art files in a number of file formats. As a result, we can usually closely replicate your design.

We offer some popular PMS colors as standard with no extra cost but can also match any Pantone PMS color that is not included in the standard selection. (Note that a Pantone color match charge may apply.) Metallic colors are not available on dye sublimated lanyards.

Modifications to artwork, if required, will be quoted on a per order basis. Sorry, but we cannot accept photocopied or faxed art files.

FOR LANYARDS: we accept...
Vector images. They can be saved as .EPS, .AI or .PDF files. These filetypes do not guarantee that the art inside will be vector, however. Any questions, just ask! (artproofservice@artproofservices.com)

FOR REELS: we accept...
Vector images or; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand MX, QuarkXpress 6.5, Corel Draw 12, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, AutoCAD DXF or DWG, WMF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PDF or BMP.

We accept work in either Mac or PC. For any format other than those listed, just ask! The following computer file types are acceptable:

Adobe Illustrator CS2 or earlier versions: All fonts must be converted to “OUTLINES” and saved as an .ai or .eps file.

Corel Draw 12

PageMaker 6.5

QuarkXpress 4.0

Adobe Photoshop CS or earlier versions: Files must be saved as .tiff, .bmp, .jpg, .psd or .gif. All files should have a minimum of 150 dpi or higher resolution.

Vector files work best because they allow scaling to any size without losing detail. Raster graphics (JPEG, TIFF, GIF) are made from pixels. When resized, pixels are added or removed which result in a loss of detail. Low resolution images will give poor quality results and may delay your order.

Rasterized artwork will lose definition when enlarged. The higher the number of dots per inch (dpi) the better the quality of the raster image. You can
decrease the resolution of an image but you can NOT increase resolution. For best results, supply artwork at 300 dpi at full size.

When sending a digital artwork file, please also supply all necessary fonts and graphics as separate files. If fonts are missing, substitute fonts may be used which will affect the layout of your artwork. As an alternative, several programs allow fonts to be “outlined”, “converted to curves” or “vectorized”
which eliminates any font issues.

NOTE: Logos from websites do not print well and are not acceptable.

Files may be submitted in one of the following methods:

Via email as an attachment


The Lanyard Creator™ Design Configuration Tool

Why are some selections grayed out but not others?

A: Our exclusive Lanyard Creator™ is an interactive tool designed to only display items that are available based on your delivery time and quantity requirements. Selection choices that are grayed out indicate that these options are not available for the design elements selected. While our lanyard offering is robust, not every option is appropriate for every style so we’ve built this tool with the intelligence to help simplify the order process. However, if you prefer a custom configuration not available through the Lanyard Creator™ we can assist you! We have hundreds of attachments and alternative solutions available. Call or email us and we’ll gladly help.

What is meant by minimum?

A: The minimum is the smallest quantity available by style. We offer as few as 100 pieces on selected styles. However all lanyard styles are available starting with a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pieces.

What should I do if I want to make changes to my design selections?

A: Before adding your customized lanyard to the shopping cart, you can change or update your selections by clicking on the (Previous Step) or (Next Step) buttons at the bottom of the design pages or by clicking any of the section tabs along the left side of the tool. No additional changes can be made once you add your lanyard to the shopping cart. However, you can easily recreate your work using our easy-to-use design tool and remove the previous order item from the shopping cart.

Why doesn’t my logo or art file render correctly on the layout display panel?

A: Our display panel is designed to render your artwork in the exact format that it was uploaded. If your artwork was not previously cropped with a transparent background, it may not overlay correctly on the display panel. Our digital proofing process and your approval cycle are methods to ensure that what you see is exactly what you’ll receive (learn more) and why we specify requirements for acceptable file formats (learn more).

What if I don’t see an option I want?

A: If you prefer a custom configuration not available through the Lanyard Creator™ it does not mean we don’t offer it. We can help! We stock hundreds of attachments and have numerous alternative solutions that simply would overwhelm the decision process if included in our interactive design tool. Call or email us and we’ll gladly help or recommend the right solution to fit your need.

Order Changes, Cancellations and Returns

How can I make a change to my order after it’s been submitted?

A: Our efficient scheduling and manufacturing methods usually mean that production begins immediately after artwork approval. However, if production of your order hasn’t yet begun we may be able to make changes without charging a fee. For custom lanyards, you will have an opportunity to update your requirements before the artwork approval process is finalized. For Fast Ship items, we typically ship the same or next day. Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible should a change occur.

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

A: Customized products cannot be resold therefore cancellations may be subject to a charge to compensate for any costs incurred prior to cancellation, such as: artwork redesign, setup fees, printing plates, etc. Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible should a change occur. Non-customized products may be cancelled subject to a 20% restocking fee and return freight costs.

What’s your policy on merchandise returns?

A: We do our best to ensure that what you order is what you receive. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of custom-printed products unless there is a manufacturing error so we encourage you to carefully review artwork proofs before accepting responsibility. In the event of defect claims, we require inspection of defective product samples prior to determining issuance of credit or refund.

Stock products (non-customized) can be returned within 30 days of purchase for refund or exchange. If the return is a result of customer error, a 20% restocking fee may apply. No restocking fee will apply if the product is deemed defective or was shipped incorrectly from our factory. All returns must be authorized. Please call us at 800.233.0298 to obtain a valid RMA number and return shipping instructions. Returns without an RMA number may be lost or not properly received by us and therefore may not be credited to your account.