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Dual-Core JetPak ID Card CR80Credit Card Size 213 x 338 no slot

Dual-Core JetPak™ ID Card (CR80/Credit Card Size, 2.13" x 3.38", no slot)

A durable, professional ID card that can be customized using an inkjet printer
Item #: C71-DCJPCC
Product Description

Note: This product requires a laminating pouch to create a fully finished card. For this product, we recommend laminating pouch F85-52CWP.

You deserve better than PVC! Our JetPak™ ID cards go above and beyond PVC to offer a more durable, more secure ID card.

Made of a durable synthetic paper material, JetPak ID cards can be customized using a standard inkjet printer. We recommend using Epson® inkjet printers, due to the high level of quality provided by their DuraBrite® inks. These ink cartridges will bring photo-quality detail to your ID cards.

This JetPak solution will allow you to create a dual-core, credit card-sized card. It measures 2.13” x 3.38”. It doesn’t have a slot, allowing you to print both horizontal and vertical ID cards, as necessary.

JetPak cards ship in sheets similar to a sheet of paper, with the front and back of the card side by side. This allows you to print both the front and back of your card in a single pass, saving time. Each box contains 100 sheets, enough to print 100 dual-sided JetPak cards.

What is the difference between single-core and dual-core?

You'll see our JetPaks described as "single-core" and "dual-core." These "cores" don't refer to sides, but rather to the thickness of the card itself.

  • Single-core JetPak cards are made of a single layer of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 7/3 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 30 mils thick. We recommend these cards for customers that only want factory printing on one side of the card, with variable data printed on the other.
  • Dual-core JetPak cards are made of two layers of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 5/2 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 34 mils thick. The template for these cards can be configured to allow you to print both sides of the card in a single pass, saving time.

Professional quality, without the up-front cost

Unlike PVC cards, which require an expensive PVC printer for customization, JetPak cards can be customized using the same inkjet printer that already sits in offices around the world. The JetPak material is microporous, absorbing the ink for a more durable imprint.

JetPak cards are then inserted into a laminating pouch (for this product, use SKU F85-52CWP) and laminated to create a long-lasting, professional ID card solution.

A more durable and more secure ID card

Laboratory tests show that our JetPak ID cards are more resistant to bending, cracking, fading and light damage than standard PVC cards. JetPak’s dependability ensures that you won’t be replacing cards frequently.

JetPak card are also available with a wealth of security features, including printing that is invisible to the naked eye, custom holographic foil stamping and more.

Our JetPak cards are currently the card of choice for:

  • Dozens of federal government agencies
  • Several law enforcement agencies
  • Corporations and private organizations

If you’re interested in enhanced security and professional design, we’re able to custom print JetPaks for you. We can print your design and logo, leaving just the cardholder photo and name to be printed on site. Contact us online or call 800-233-0298 for more information.

Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 100
Unit QTY 100 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
Price per Unit $2.39 $1.94 $1.69 $1.56 $1.49 $1.44 $1.38
Item: C71-DCJPCC
Tariff Percentage: No %
Card Dimensions: 2.13" x 3.38" (54 mm x 86 mm)
Card Material: Synthetic paper
Common Card Size: Credit Card
Card Thickness: 20 mils
Magnetic Stripe: No
Customizable: Yes
Slotted: No
Packaging: 100 sheets, one card per sheet
  • Also known as:
  • Y864816