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Custom Premium Badge Reels with Variable Text

Custom Premium Badge Reels with Variable Text

These custom premium badge reels offer a high level quality along with a large imprint area for adding a custom logo or graphic. With the addition of variable text customization, these reels are now an even better custom card accessory. Variable text allows for the addition of two lines of text to each of your reels. Add employee names, years of service, titles and more. With a custom logo and variable text, you’ll have a truly unique card accessory.
  • A strap clip end fitting allows for easy attachment to a slotted card, while a slide clip makes it simple for the wearer to attach it to a pocket or belt
  • A twist-free design will help keep your badge facing front
  • Colors include royal blue, red, green, orange, black, dark gray and white
  • Variable text is limited to two lines. The custom graphic must be the same for each reel.
  • Variable text is available on flat labels and dome labels.
A $30.00 setup fee applies to reels with a standard multi-color label. A $40.00 setup fee applies to reels with a dome label. An additional $30.00 setup fee applies to reels with variable text.
The minimum order quantity is 100 reels. However, you can order groups of 25 reels in different colors to meet the MOQ. For example, you can order 25 red, 25 blue, 25 black and 25 green to meet the MOQ of 100. To do this, place your order using the DYO tool below and then contact Customer Service at 800-233-0298 to tell them of your color preferences.