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Credit Card Size Laminating Pouch 213 x 338 20 mils

Credit Card Size Laminating Pouch (2.13" x 3.38", 20 mils)

20-mils thick laminate provides maximum protection against damage.
Item #: F82-73CP
Product Description

Protect your CR80 cards with 20 mils of laminate

Looking for the sturdiest laminating pouch around? You found it!

This pouch is 20-mils thick, meaning it offers 10 mils of protection for each side of your ID card. 10 mils! That's 33% of the thickness of a standard ID card, right there to protect your card from damage.

Laminated credentials are a longer-lasting solution than standard cards, offering better resistance to fading, bending, cracking, water damage and more.

  • For use with CR80/credit card-sized cards
  • Pouch measures 2.13" x 3.38"
  • Thickness of 20 mils (10 mils on each side)
  • Requires a laminating machine for use
Quantity Discount
Minimum Qty: 500
Unit QTY 500 1000 2500 5000
Price per Unit $0.38 $0.37 $0.36 $0.35
Item: F82-73CP
Tariff Percentage: N/A %
Card Dimensions: 2.13" x 3.38" (54 mm x 86 mm)
Card Material: Polyester/Polyethylene
Card Thickness: 20 mils
Slotted: No
Packaging: 500 pouches per box
  • Also known as:
  • Y487724