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Non-Ferrous/Non-Magnetic Badge Reels

Made specifically for Healthcare and without ferrous metals, this metal-free badge reel with a plastic clip is unaffected by magnets, making them MRI-safe. Nurses, doctors, and technicians don't have to worry about removing and reattaching their identification badges.

The clip makes sliding on a slotted ID card or badge holder quick and easy. The reels are color matched from end to end for a sleek look. Customize the badge reel for another brand touch-point for your organization. Choose between black, metallic blue, white or red to match your brand or department.

Non-Magnetic Badge Reels Features:

Non-Ferrous – The reel is unaffected by magnets, making them perfect for use around MRI machines or other powerful magnets.

No-Twist Design – Ensure the credentials of the wearer are front-facing and visible at all times.

Customizable – A custom badge reel serves as a great way to increase your organization's brand recognition. Each time the provider reaches for the ID badge or card, your logo will be there.

Color Matched – Both the plastic clip and the clamp are color matched to the badge reel for a sleek look.

Clothing Friendly – The clamp will not snag on clothing as it does not have any teeth or grips.

IDenticard Insights about Non-Ferrous Badge Reels:
Non-Magnetic Badge Reels: The Perfect ID Holder for Radiology