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Print your own Badge Buddies: Getting started

IDenticard is happy to provde a series of free templates that you can use to print your own Badge Buddies on-site. To ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that your Badge Buddies print accurately, please take a few minutes to read the following guidelines.

Horizontal Badge Buddies

Printer Compatibility

  • Use an inkjet or color laser printer. Printers with straight-through paper paths work best. You may need to use the manual sheet feeder.
  • Inkjet printers using pigment ink, such as Epson® DURABrite™ ink, work best, giving the brightest color and sharpest detail.
  • Our testing and development was done using the Epson line of printers. Your results may vary depending on your printer and settings. Always test a sheet of plain paper first and make any necessary adjustments to margins and settings prior to batch printing.
  • For inkjet printers, set media type to "Plain Paper" and quality to "Photo" for best results. If your printer has a "Thick Paper and Envelope" setting, you should activate it.

Before You Start

  • Depending on your printer, it may be necessary to set the paper dimensions of the card stock in your printer properties. Card stock dimensions are:
    • Horizontal: 4.5" x 8.25"
    • Vertical: 5.625" x 8.25"

  • "Horizontal" & "Vertical" (in the above dimensions and in the following steps) refer to the perforated areas of the card stock. If the perforated area is designed to be used with a horizontal ID card, follow the directions for "Horizontal" Badge Buddies. Follow the directions for "Vertical" Badge Buddies if you have a vertical ID card. (See "Inserting into printer" below for diagrams.)

  • Your Badge Buddies card stock includes two cards per sheet and should be printed two at a time. Do not attempt to print cards one at a time. Re-inserting the card stock into the printer with one card removed will most likely cause the printer to jam.

  • These Badge Buddies are designed to be used with slotted credit card size ID cards. The ID cards will hang into the Badge Buddies color bar by approximately 3/8". Be certain that the text does not go to the top of the color bar or it will be partially covered by the ID card.

  • The templates are Microsoft® Word documents. If you know how to use Word, you can easily create your own card designs.

Inserting the Badge Buddies card stock into your printer

Insert your Badge Buddies card stock into the printer in the same direction that you insert envelopes. 

  • Horizontal Badge Buddies The two die-cut Badge Buddies inserts are designed to be printed at the same time. Insert the sheet into the printer with the short margin first and the slots of the Badge Buddies at the top. Set printer orientation to "Portrait."
  • Vertical Badge Buddies Insert your Badge Buddies sheet into the printer with the short margin first and the slots to the left. Set printer orientation to "Landscape."


After printing, carefully tear out each insert and place inside the matching wrapped-edge pouch, lining up the slots. Laminate at 270-290 degrees F. If warping or bubbling occurs, the laminator is too hot. Decrease the heat. If areas are not well laminated, or colors are dull, the laminator is too cold. Raise the heat slowly.