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3-Card B-Holder: An innovative card-carrying solution

The 3-Card B-Holder is the latest card-carrying innovation from IDenticard. This rigid plastic card holder has room for up to three cards, making it perfect for organizations that require employees to carry different cards for access, identification, payments and more.

The 3-Card B-Holder features patented lever technology that makes it easy to slide a card out for use: simply flip one of the levers on the back of the holder and your card pops out for easy removal. 

The holder has two compartments: a front that holds one 30-mil card and a back that holds either two 30-mil cards or one 60-mil cards. A frosted front keeps the front card's data visible, while an opaque rear panel hides sensitive card data.

The 3-Card B-Holder is the perfect ID card holder for healthcare, office buildings, government organizations and more.

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