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IDenticard and the Mohave Educational Services Cooperative

Serving as a one-stop shop for identification cards, accessories, Visitor Management and more

IDenticard is proud to be a member of the Mohave Educational Purchasing Cooperative, the go-to purchasing group for Arizona educational institutions. We’re happy to bring our wide offering of ID products and solutions to schools across the state of Arizona. Our Mohave contract number is 14L-IDS-1107.

Who are we, and why should you choose IDenticard?

IDenticard is a leading provider of identification, access control and security solutions. We were founded in 1970 as a photo ID reseller, and have grown to be one of the industry’s most-respected names. We are a division of Brady Corp (NYSE: BRC), a Milwaukee-based manufacturer and distributor of identification and safety products.

Why us? Simple: we feel that we have an unrivaled combination of a broad product offering and a wealth of experience crafting solutions for educational organizations. In fact, we consider education one of our areas of expertise: many of our products and services are tailored towards solving problems for or enhancing processes at schools of all kinds. We’re not some “fly by night” company: we’re an American organization with decades of experience in the ID products industry, and we look forward to using that experience to help your organization.

What can we offer members of the Mohave Educational Services Cooperative?

As we said before, we feel that we have the broadest product offering in the industry. We offer a number of different products and services perfect for Arizona schools:

Photo ID software & services

Mohave contract photo ID software

Design and print custom employee badges

ID card printers & supplies

Mohave contract ID card printers and supplies

Quality card printers, ribbons and more

ID cards & laminating pouches

Mohave contract ID cards and laminating pouches

Choose from several card materials and sizes

Smart and proximity cards

Mohave smart and proximity cards

Grant access or perform other functions

UBand™ wearable credentials

Mohave contract wearable credentials

An access card — for your wrist!

ID card accessories

Mohave contract lanyards, badge reels, badge holders and clips

Lanyards, badge reels and badge holders

Visitor Management badges and software

Mohave contract Visitor Management and security solutions

Expiring badges, software and more

Interested in getting free samples or purchasing from us?

We hope that after browsing our products and services, you think IDenticard would be a the perfect ID and security supplier for you. If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to request a free sample of a particular product, please fill out our contact form by clicking the button below.