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id cards for golf courses and country clubs

Golf Course ID Cards & Accessories

Add a professional look to your club with unique identification solutions

  • Country club membership ID cards
  • Golf course employee ID solutions
  • Custom accessories for promotions & pro shops

When it comes to identification solutions, American golf courses and country clubs have unique needs. From employee ID badges to membership access credentials, there’s no real “one-credential-fits-all” solution.

Fortunately, we have plenty of options for golf courses and country clubs of all shapes and sizes. We have plenty of experience as well: our products have been spotted in clubhouses and on greens and fairways across North America.

Whether you’re looking for custom golf course lanyards for your gift shop or unique employee name badges for your crew, we’ve got you covered.

Membership cards and employee badges for golf courses

A solid identification program is a great way to give your course or club a professional appearance. Membership and employee ID cards help boost security, brand awareness and respectability, all essential factors in running a good operation.

a membership card for a country club or golf course

Each kind of ID credential has unique needs and requirements: employee ID badges will need to be different from country club membership cards, for example. Fortunately, our offering is diverse enough to cover the entire spectrum.

  • Golf club membership cards: Membership at a country club or golf course is supposed to be a special experience, so give your members a custom golf course ID card that will be the pride of their wallets! We can custom-print membership cards for your club that have custom imagery, unique security features and even custom shapes! Add your members’ names, the date their memberships began and more.
  • Access cards for golf members’ lounges: One of the more enjoyable perks of being a country club member is having access to the club’s private members’ lounge. Whether your lounge is a bar, a function room or a private locker room, it’s important to ensure that your members are the only ones allowed inside. Turning your country club ID cards into access credentials allows you to control access to the lounge without having to issue physical keys.
  • Golf course employee badges: Create a friendly atmosphere at your club by having your employees wear name badges while on the job. Our DigiLine name badges are sleek, customizable name badges perfect for your golf course employees, whether they’re raking the sand traps or serving food in the members’ lounge. Add your logo, choose your attachment method and more. You can even design your own name badges online today!

Custom golf bag tags and custom promotional items for golf courses

custom golf bag name tags and accessories for golf pro shops

Custom card accessories are a great way to enhance your course’s brand and to stock the shelves in your pro shop. These accessories can be used to identify your members’ golf bags out on the course or to help members show their club pride when they’re not on the links.

  • Custom lanyards for golf courses: While a golfer isn’t going to want to wear a lanyard while playing 18 holes, custom lanyards are a convenient way to carry keys or other small items when off the course. Design your own custom lanyards online using our innovative tool. As a bonus, custom lanyards are a great way for your employees to wear their ID cards while on the clock.
  • Custom golf bag tags: Our DigiLine name badges can be attached to the flap or pocket of a golf bag to make it clear who owns the bag. Add your club’s logo and name to the badge, then add the member’s name. Give these custom tags out as occasional member rewards, or offer them as a custom item in your pro shop.
  • Custom cell phone wallets: Perfect for sale in your pro shop, our silicone cell phone wallets can be customized to feature your club’s name and logo. These popular accessories stick to the back of a flat-backed cell phone, allowing your club to be there for every text and call.
a custom golf course employee name tag

Questions about a specific solution for your course? Let us know!

If your search for an ID card or custom accessory solution is as tough as a 90-foot putt, consider us your caddy: we’ll help you understand the lay of the land and get you the result you want.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs with a member of our team, all with no obligation. We’ll give you examples of our work with other courses, recommend products and more.