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Three new IDentiGuard holographic foils are now available for custom ID cards

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (January 12, 2016) — IDentiGuard, our popular holographic ID card security feature, is now better than ever with the addition of three new foils to the product line.

The three new foils, pictured on the right, are OK Circles, Valid Triangles and Valid Wallpaper. These three join nine other colors and patterns to create a robust IDentiGuard lineup.

IDentiGuard is a security feature unique to IDenticard™. IDentiGuard stamps are sections of holographic material printed on an ID card to prevent counterfeiting and fraud. This material reflects and changes colors in the light, providing simple, visual verification of a credential’s authenticity.

The nature of this holographic material means it can’t be duplicated by a standard printer or copier, making cards with IDentiGuard extremely difficult to counterfeit or duplicate.

IDentiGuard stamps are available in several stock shapes, including an American flag, a pinwheel and a solid strip of color. Custom IDentiGuard stamps are also available: create a holographic foil in the shape of your organization’s logo for added security and professionalism.

IDentiGuard is a perfect card security feature for secure government ID credentials or corporate ID cards. IDentiGuard is available on several different ID cards, including JetPak™ cards, JetProx™ cards and PVC cards.

For information on how to add IDentiGuard to your custom ID cards, please contact us.