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Montgomery County finds IDenticard’s JetPak™ solution to be a durable, perfect fit

Nancy Becker had a plan to help U.S. Military veterans living in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. To put it into action, she needed a durable, long-lasting ID card that would stand up to the wear-and-tear of frequent use.

After doing her research, Becker, the Recorder of Deeds for Montgomery County, chose a solution featuring JetPak­™ cards from IDenticard™, a company based in neighboring Lancaster County, and has been thrilled with the results.

“We’ve been doing it for three years,” she said. “We haven’t had one veteran come back because his card was damaged! They’ve lost them, but we’ve never had one come back that was damaged.”

Helping veterans is a cause that was particularly important to Becker, whose grandson served in the Air Force in Afghanistan.

“When I asked him what we could do for him, he told me to do something for the veterans at home,” she said.

That something turned into the Veterans’ Photo ID Discount Card program, which entitles veterans living in Montgomery County to discounts or waived fees at more than 400 local businesses, from restaurants to real estate offices.

Veterans are given a personalized card when they record their discharge papers at the Recorder of Deeds office, featuring their photo and signature. Cards must be presented at the time of purchase to receive the discount, so it was key to choose a card that would be durable enough to stand up to frequent trips in and out of wallets and pockets.

“Talking to people who had all-plastic cards, they encouraged us to use laminated ones because they don’t break when you bend them,” said Becker. “We wanted to make sure the products we gave the veterans would be durable.”

The JetPaks being used by Becker’s office are made of a durable synthetic material that can be customized with a standard inkjet printer. These sheets are then combined with the appropriate laminating pouch to create a durable, long-lasting ID badge or card.

Since the inception of the program, Becker says her office has issued thousands of cards to local veterans. Becker reports that the JetPak cards have been as durable as advertised and have handled frequent use well.

“Our veterans have told us stories of having their card go through the wash, being bent in half, run over by a car…they’re still in good condition after the abuse.” Nancy Becker, Recorder of Deeds in Montgomery County, PA

Becker’s office is designing the cards with IDenticard’s PremiSys ID software, which has been working well.

“It’s simple to use,” she said. “Our support has been wonderful. If something happens, we call and they identify it. We really haven’t had any problems.”

The success of the JetPak and PremiSys ID program in Montgomery County has led Becker to recommend the system to other offices, including law enforcement and government offices in other counties and states.

Overall, IDenticard’s solution has been serving Montgomery County well, enabling Becker’s office and local businesses to continue to provide much-deserved support to local veterans.

“We interviewed four or five different vendors and ended up with IDenticard because we felt that they were going to give us the best products and best service,” said Becker. “We’re glad we chose [the] system. It has served us well and the support has been great.”

To learn more about JetPaks, please visit our ID cards and badges page. To learn how to create a custom solution like the one being used in Montgomery County, please contact us for a consultation.

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