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IDenticard Releases new laminated ID card for PVC printers

Lancaster, PA (March 2, 2007) – IDenticard Systems has announced the release of OmniLife ID, a PVC-printable laminated card.

OmniLife combines the security and durability of laminated cards, the precision color quality of litho-printing, and the convenience of PVC printer personalization. The result is a long-lasting, enhanced security ID card that is far less likely to crack, chip, warp, or fade.

What makes the OmniLife card more attractive than traditional PVC cards? It begins with our custom, factory-printed process that delivers the high quality of litho-style printing with low-volume prices and fast turn-around times. In fact, OmniLife cards are affordable in quantities starting at 100 with an average delivery time of 10 days or less.

Along with the factory printing of custom designs and logos, the OmniLife card can include factory-printed bar codes for greater protection against wear. Embedded under 10 mils of plastic, your bar codes will last longer and eliminates the cost of a PVC laminating printer.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the OmniLife ID card is found in its unique security options. Special security applications – embedded under the same protective laminate — make OmniLife ID cards virtually impossible to copy or alter without easy detection. SilverScreen, for example, is a special holographic security layer applied under the photo area that causes the cardholder’s picture to shimmer. The visual effect on the photo offers an important security guard not available with traditional PVC cards. lswhs . Most importantly, all of the security marks available with the OmniLife card are protected beneath the laminate, ensuring superior durability and performance.

IDenticard supplies its customers with factory-printed and laminated ID cards, complete with any of its unique security marks embedded beneath the surface. The customer then simply personalizes the card by adding the variable data – such as the cardholder photo and name — with a PVC printer. The card is then ready to use.

For more information on the new OmniLife ID card from IDenticard, call 1-800-233-0298. Or, visit the corporate website at

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