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PremiSys™ NDE

Advanced door control with more features using Schlage® NDE series wireless locks

  • Quality features for about a third of the price of other access systems
  • Limit access to locks by user level, day or time
  • Create audit reports on transactions, cardholder data and more

Electronic wireless locks are an affordable option for door control at college dormitories, nursing homes, office buildings and more. These locks interact with access cards to grant access to specific rooms or areas, eliminating the need for physical keys. However, the solutions provided by many of these wireless locks are incomplete at best. Cardholder data is hard to change, unspecific access rights can lead to security vulnerabilities and administrative portals or apps can be clunky or hard to use.

IDenticard has connected an affordable electronic wireless lock with an enterprise access control system with the release of PremiSys NDE. PremiSys NDE integrates our PremiSys access control system with Schlage NDE series wireless locks, adding a wealth of door control and cardholder rights management features to these locks.

With PremiSys NDE, affordable, innovative wireless locks from Schlage finally have the comprehensive access control system they need to be a top-flight security solution.

PremiSys NDE: Advanced door control for dormitories, nursing homes, offices and more.

IDenticard is proud to be an alliance partner of Allegion, and to bring a number of exciting, powerful door control features to these innovative locks with PremiSys NDE. On their own, Schlage NDE series wireless locks are a good solution for door control. However, when integrated with PremiSys NDE, the locks go from “good” to “great” due to the features added by the PremiSys integration.

Think of PremiSys NDE as taking the best of Schlage NDE series wireless locks and adding that to the best features of the PremiSys access control system. The result is a secure, convenient door control system perfect for use in hospitals, nursing homes and college dormitories.

What does PremiSys NDE bring to Schlage NDE series wireless locks?

A Schlage wireless lock communicating with the dashboard
  • Extra features: While ENGAGE technology provides a number of features in its mobile and cloud-based management apps, PremiSys NDE takes those features and expands them. ENGAGE can handle up to 100 doors; PremiSys NDE has no door limit. PremiSys NDE also offers unlimited user interfaces, a feature not supported by ENGAGE’s apps.
  • Administrative tools: PremiSys NDE allows for complete user control over the Schlage NDE series wireless locks. Within PremiSys NDE, an administrator can schedule data imports, create backups, define holiday schedules, navigate through cardholder records, create global access groups and more.
  • Credential management: With PremiSys NDE, an administrator is able to manage cardholder rights across all NDE locks in the system. Rights for users with credentials can be assigned by access group level, time, day and more.
  • Mobile badging: PremiSys NDE includes the PremiSys mobile app, which can be used to create ID cards on the go. Simply use a smartphone to take a photo, fill in the variable data and print to a networked printer. PremiSys mobile can also be used to assign and revoke cardholder access rights, monitor license plates in the parking lot and more.
  • Video integration: PremiSys NDE can be integrated with video management systems from many major brands, including Exacq, Avigilon and Salient Systems. View live video, view recorded video in history reports and more.
  • Battery alerts: PremiSys NDE is able to provide the user with low battery reports, allowing you to better track the battery status of the locks. These reports can be emailed to the appropriate personnel as well.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Detailed reports can be generated within the system, including custom report formats and the ability to save and load frequently used report parameters.

What are Schlage NDE series wireless locks?

Schlage NDE series wireless locks are made by Allegion, a leading manufacturer of security products, specifically door security hardware. These locks use Allegion’s ENGAGE™ technology, which provides simple, affordable access control solutions that can be scaled to fit needs of all sizes.

The locks use access cards, like proximity or smart cards, to grant access to a room with a simple wave of the card. These cards are often used for both identification and access, cutting down on costs by combining the two functions.

A Schlage NDE series wireless lock
  • Install in minutes: Schlage NDE series wireless locks can be installed with a single screwdriver and fit into standard cylindrical door holes, meaning no major construction is required. The ease of installation means an entire office of locks could be installed in a single afternoon.
  • WiFi communication: Unlike other access control systems, PremiSys NDE doesn’t need additional hardware, controllers or panels to run. Communication between PremiSys NDE and the Schlage NDE series wireless locks is done via WiFi. This allows you to save money by skipping the costs associated with additional hardware and installations.
  • Convenient: As stated above, the locks can be installed quickly and easily with a screwdriver. However, they remain an easy solution once installed as well: according to Allegion, the locks can last for up to two years using just four AA batteries. Combined with PremiSys NDE’s battery alerts, worries about power are a thing of the past.
  • Advanced: These locks are WiFi-enabled, allowing them to sync with PremiSys NDE to manage access rights and user records.

See the difference: Compare PremiSys NDE and ENGAGE technology


Schlage’s ENGAGE app

PremiSys NDE

Number of doors Up to 100 Unlimited
Number of user clients N/A Unlimited
Global access groups?
Customizable reports?
Create and print ID cards?
Archive and back-up?
Holiday schedules?
Video management integration?


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