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PremiSys™ mobile ID and access control app

Access control and ID badging in the palm of your hand

  • Monitor your facilities from your smartphone
  • Lock doors or restrict access to cardholders
  • Take photos and print badges to a networked printer

Today’s security issues make it important to constantly monitor your facilities. However, you can’t be on-site at all times. With the PremiSys mobile ID and access control app, you can keep an eye on your site as long as you are within reach of your smartphone.

The PremiSys mobile ID and access control app is mobile software for iPhone™ and Android™ smartphones that puts the power of PremiSys in your hand. This isn’t a featureless shell of an app: PremiSys Mobile is a full-featured, comprehensive ID and access control app that allows you to perform key security and identification functions off-site.

When the PremiSys mobile ID and access control app is integrated with the appropriate versions of the PremiSys access control system and PremiSys ID, the app can be used to view surveillance video feeds, respond to alarms, lock and unlock doors, grant or restrict access and create custom photo ID cards.

PremiSys mobile for identification: A badging program on the go

ID badging operations are usually run from a security or administrative office. The PremiSys mobile ID and access control app allows for the creation and printing of credentials from anywhere, making it easier than ever to run a badging program.

  • Use your smartphone’s camera to take employee badge photos, eliminating the need for a central camera location.
  • Existing photos can also be uploaded from your device, eliminating the need for a new picture.
  • Edit photos right in the mobile app — nine preset filters are included.
  • Enter a user’s variable data, including name and title, right on your phone.
  • Send the information to a networked printer anywhere on your premises.
  • Capture a signature right on the mobile app. Have your employee sign his or her name with a finger or stylus, and it will be stored with the cardholder’s record for added security.

See PremiSys Mobile ID badging in action!

PremiSys mobile security: Keep an eye on your site from anywhere

It’s impossible to be in more than one place at one time, just as it’s impossible to be on-site at all times. With the PremiSys mobile ID and access control app, we provide a happy medium: you can monitor your site at all times from the comfort of your home, hotel room or even at the beach!

  • View integrated video surveillance feeds from anywhere, giving you insight into what’s going on at your facilities.
  • Get notified in the event of an alarm, view the nearest video feed to that alarm and dismiss the alarm, all from the palm of your hand.
  • Use your smartphone’s camera to take pictures of license plates for increased parking lot access control. This feature is particularly useful in determining who owns a car that may be improperly parked.
  • Grant access rights to different users, lock down your buildings with the press of a button and more.

See PremiSys mobile security in action!

With a variety of products available, it can be difficult to determine how to best use PremiSys at your facilities. Our solutions specialists will work with you to determine how to get the most of out PremiSys, how to integrate additional security features and how to use the PremiSys mobile app to the fullest extent possible.