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WhosOnLocation: Affordable web-based Visitor Management

Process guests, manage evacuations and more, all from your web browser

  • No software required: Simply log in from any web browser
  • Low start-up costs and no contract or commitment provide flexibility
  • Compatible with TEMPbadge™ expiring badges for a robust solution

WhosOnLocation is a cloud-based Visitor Management system that can be accessed through any web browser. It is a perfect web-based system for Visitor Management, contractor management and evacuation management at sites of all kinds, from single-site offices to sprawling corporate campuses.

The main feature of WhosOnLocation is to track who is at your facility at all times. WhosOnLocation can track employee attendance, guests, contractors and more. Receive detailed information about who is at your site, how long a guest has been there and who the guest is visiting.

WhosOnLocation exists solely in the cloud; with no downloads or installation required, WhosOnLocation can be up and running on your system in no time. The system can be purchased in monthly or annual installments, with no contracts required, allowing for maximum flexibility.

With easy setup, low start-up costs, flexible purchase options and the simple accessibility of the cloud, WhosOnLocation is an excellent web-based Visitor Management system for schools, hospitals, corporate offices and more.

WhosOnLocation: Web-based Visitor Management for hospitals, schools, corporations and more

WhosOnLocation provides the best of both worlds: It offers the robust feature set of an installed software application mixed with the convenience and ease-of-use of a cloud-based system. These conveniences combine with an affordable price, flexible payment options and commitment-free sign-up to make WhosOnLocation an easy choice for your next web-based Visitor Management solution.

  • Features: WhosOnLocation comes loaded with a number of standard features. Visitor pre-registration, visitor arrival email alerts, evacuation management, optional employee attendance management, detailed reporting and compatibility with TEMPbadge expiring and non-expiring visitor badges are all standard, regardless of the plan chosen. Additional features, including SMS alerts regarding visitor activity, can be added for a fee.
  • Flexibility: Plans range from Starter to Enterprise and are contract-free. Starter and Regular plans are billed annually in advance, while the other plans can be billed either monthly or annually. Plans can be scaled up or down as your needs grow.
  • Simplicity: WhosOnLocation can be accessed from any web browser, meaning as long as you have compatible hardware and an Internet connection, you can access your administrator dashboard. Also, each WhosOnLocation plan covers your entire site, not just a single iteration of the software. Whether your site has two sign-in stations or ten, a single WhosOnLocation plan is all you need to be covered.
  • Accessibility: All a user needs to get started with WhosOnLocation is an Internet connection, compatible hardware and the purchase of a plan. That’s it! WhosOnLocation doesn’t require any downloads, software keys or major installations.
  • Customization: WhosOnLocation’s sign-in interface can be customized to meet your site’s branding needs, including the addition of your organization’s logo. The plans can be customized with a number of add-ons as well, including SMS text alerts and acknowledgement notices.
  • Support: WhosOnLocation comes with dedicated support, including online support, informational webinars, product training, phone support and more.
  • Security: WhosOnLocation cares about your data, taking several steps to make sure no customer information is accessible to hackers. Physical servers exist in both the United States and Canada, with the server location depending on the customer’s location. These server locations feature, among other things, 24-hour manned security and back-up generators. Routers use firewalls and other encryption and security methods. Risk analysis is routinely conducted on servers and data storage methods, while the entire data security process is frequently subjected to third-party audits.

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Guest limit (per year) 1,000 2,000 3,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Employee sign-in limit (per year) 12,000 24,000 36,000 150,000 Unlimited
Payment type Annual (up front) Annual (up front) Monthly or annual Monthly or annual Monthly or annual
Compatible with TEMPbadge?
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locations per site Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
(5 location minimum)
Detailed visitor reports


Multiple location pricing, including campuses, is available. Please contact us for details.

Maximum control over your guests: WhosOnLocation’s Visitor Management features set it apart

Along with WhosOnLocation’s accessibility and easy setup, the cloud-based Visitor Management system offers one of the most comprehensive lists of standard features in the industry. These features are available on all product levels, and include:

  • Easy visitor registration: WhosOnLocation allows for both receptionist-administered registration or self-registration, allowing your site to use the system as you see fit. The system can be deployed using an iPad®, tablet, touchscreen PC or standard PC. The intuitive login process is easy to follow, meaning both receptionists and guests will be able to navigate through the process without difficulty.
  • Detailed visitor data: WhosOnLocation asks a variety of key questions, enabling you to get as much visitor data as possible. When a guest signs in, you’ll know who he or she is there to see, whether or not the guest needs assistance in the event of an evacuation and more.
  • Guest pre-registration: Whether it’s a large group or just a single visitor, WhosOnLocation allows users to pre-register guests hours, days or even weeks in advance. Simply add in the visitor’s information in the pre-registration module of the WhosOnLocation dashboard to help the guest sign-in more quickly.
  • Empower multiple users: Since WhosOnLocation is licensed on a per-site basis, you can register for a single plan and use more than one sign-in station at your site. Put WhosOnLocation interfaces at the security office, receptionist’s desk and more, all with a single plan.
  • Comprehensive reporting: WhosOnLocation provides a wealth of guest data, including real-time and historical data. View how many guests are on-site, create graphs that show visitor trends or export data for use in spreadsheets.
  • Expiring badge printing: WhosOnLocation is compatible with our TEMPbadge line of expiring badge products. Users can set-up the system so that upon sign-in, a personalized expiring badge is immediately printed. These badges help secure your site by expiring after a set time frame, preventing guests from overstaying their welcome. Badges can be custom designed to feature your organization’s logo as well.
  • Issue custom PVC visitor cards: WhosOnLocation now supports the printing of PVC ID cards! WhosOnLocation can connect to a compatible printer to print on CR80-sized cards. CR80 is the most-common card size; for reference, credit cards are CR80 cards. This feature is perfect for organizations that use re-writable CR80 cards for guests or for those that want to issue more durable credentials to long-term guests.
  • Simple supply orders: The software features a button that takes you directly to our web store, where you can quickly reorder expiring badges or printer supplies.
  • Triggers help keep your staff informed: WhosOnLocation’s Triggers follow an intuitive “if this, then that” method. In the WhosOnLocation dashboard, administrators are able to set up a number of Triggers and rules designed to make site security simple. For example, an administrator can put a rule in place that if a contractor signs in after 5 PM, an alert is automatically sent to the security director. Triggers can also be used for guests who stay past their allotted time: use a Trigger that alerts your facilities director if a guest is still on-site after 6 PM, for example. These Triggers help automate parts of the security process, alerting your staff to unusual events and potentially preventing problems before they occur.

A cloud-based system for more than just visitors: How will you use WhosOnLocation?

WhosOnLocation is flexible, customizable software that allows you to monitor everyone who visits your facilities. While it’s perfect as a cloud-based Visitor Management program, WhosOnLocation can be used in several other situations as well.

From tracking employee attendance to ensuring that visiting contractors are charging the correct amount on an invoice, WhosOnLocation is a powerful tool that increases security and transparency at sites of all kinds.

WhosOnLocation can be used for:

  • Employee Attendance: WhosOnLocation’s features can be used as an effective employee attendance management tool. The system allows administrators to view which employees are on-site, view work history and more. Employees can sign in and out using the standard monitor or touchscreen, or WhosOnLocation can be integrated with select access control systems for easy sign-in/sign-out with a smart card or fob.
  • Evacuation Management: In the event of an emergency, WhosOnLocation can serve as a valuable evacuation management tool. Users can log into WhosOnLocation from any browser in a safe location to view which employees were on-site during the emergency. This provides rescue personnel with invaluable information on who to search for and where to look to find those in need. WhosOnLocation also records whether or not an arriving guest or signed-in employee needs assistance in the event of an evacuation, increasing safety for all.
  • Contractor Management: An add-on is available that allows WhosOnLocation to be used to manage contractors or other workers who frequently visit your site. By requiring contractors to sign in and out at the end of every day, your site can more effectively manage how many contractors are on site, limit access to certain areas and ensure that contractors actually begin or stopped work at the time or date billed. With WhosOnLocation, you’ll have a digital record of all contractor data for more accurate billing and payments.
  • Asset Management: Eliminate worries about who borrowed a tool or where the building’s projector has gone! This add-on makes managing various assets a breeze. The add-on enables users to track a variety of data for a specific asset (like keys, radios or other gear), including who signed out the item, when it is due back and more. Asset management is perfect for offices sharing technology or other expensive devices and for tool and equipment management at construction sites.


WolEvac: A comprehensive, mobile evacuation management tool

As stated above, WhosOnLocation is excellent for use as an evacuation management tool. While every organization hopes to never have to use it, it’s important to have an evacuation plan in case of emergency. With WolEvac, a free add-on to any WhosOnLocation plan, accounting for your employees and guests is simple.

WolEvac is part of the WhosOnLocation app, available for select Apple® and Android® devices. WolEvac is designed to make it easier to verify the safety of employees and guests in the event of an emergency, calming nerves and providing valuable information to first responders.

How does WolEvac work?

  • During an emergency, a safety warden or evacuation marshal triggers an evacuation event using WolEvac. The app then displays all signed-in employees and guests currently on site, listing their status as “UNVERIFIED” by default.
  • The user then verifies the safety of each employee or guest he encounters using a roll call or similar method, switching their status from “UNVERIFIED” to “VERIFIED” in the process. When first responders arrive, they will know which employees or guests are unaccounted for, helping to make search efforts more targeted and efficient.
  • After the evacuation event is over, users are able to log into their WhosOnLocation dashboard to view an “event report” that details a variety of information about the event, including the date, location, number of people verified as being safe and the total time it took for the event to go from opened to closed.

In the event that your organization has too many employees to manage with a manual roll call, WolEvac allows you to send a text message to each registered person on site asking if he or she is safe; if the person responds with the word “Safe,” he or she is marked as “VERIFIED” by WolEvac. This allows users to verify the safety of hundreds of personnel in just a couple of minutes.

WolEvac is perfect for organizations both large and small. It will provide calm and organization in what can be stressful moments, making it an invaluable addition to your Visitor Management or security program.

WOL Pass: Send your guest a custom email featuring directions, parking information and more

WOL Pass enables users to automatically send helpful “pre-visit” email to guests who are pre-registered in the WhosOnLocation dashboard. These messages can be used to give guests pre-arrival instructions, offer tips on parking, reduce pre-visit jitters and more.

Most people who have gone on a visit to an office or business facility have experienced some kind of pre-visit anxiety: where do I go when I get there? Will there be parking? Is there anything around if I’m early?

Many of these questions can be answered by a quick trip to Google, but guests shouldn’t have to search for calming answers prior to visiting your site. Ease their concerns by sending a custom email alert with WOL Pass.

WOL Pass sends an automatic informational email to pre-registered guests prior to their visit to your site. The email is fully customizable, enabling you to include anything you deem necessary.

WOL Pass can include:

  • A photo of the employee your guest is coming to visit, allowing the guest to know who to expect
  • Information on where the guest will be able to park a car or which entrance the guest should use to gain access to the building
  • Detailed arrival instructions, like where to sign in, where to head after arrival and more
  • Information on local amenities, like coffee shops or restaurants, in case the guest arrives early
  • Contact information for the guest’s host

Using WOL Pass will help make a visit to your facilities easier on your guests. You’ll provide the guest with the information he or she needs prior to arrival, putting logistical worries aside and allowing the guest to focus on having a successful visit.

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