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Expiring Badges

TEMPbadge™ expiring badges

Effective, visual Visitor Management

  • Badges show a series of lines or “VOID” when expired
  • Available handwritten or computer printable
  • Choose from multiple time-frame options

Processing and tracking guests can be difficult, especially in busy, crowded environments. It can be even more difficult to ensure a guest has left the premises and hasn’t overstayed his or her welcome. TEMPbadge expiring badges help make Visitor Management easier by providing a clear, visual identifier when a visitor’s allotted time is up.

What are TEMPbadge expiring badges?

TEMPbadge expiring badges are our own, time-tested product, designed using patented migrating ink technology and manufactured in the United States. These Visitor Management badges look like regular visitor badges, but slowly reveal a series of red lines or other visual indicators over a pre-determined period of time. These lines appear gradually and, when fully visible, provide a clear indicator that a visitor badge is no longer valid.

TEMPbadge expiring badges are a versatile Visitor Management tool, available in half-day, one-day and one-week time frames. Many different styles of expiring badge are available, including handwritten badges, computer printable badges, badges with expiring tokens and more. TEMPbadge expiring badges are an effective, easy-to-use Visitor Management solution used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

How do TEMPbadges work?

TEMPbadge expiring badges often look like standard adhesive or clip-on badges, but are actually a multi-part solution. TEMPbadge works by applying a back piece printed with a special ink to a front piece that causes the ink to slowly soak through and migrate to the surface. This steady migration is what leads to the gradual appearance of the expiration indicators.

Why will TEMPbadge work for you?

IDenticard has experience providing Visitor Management solutions featuring TEMPbadge to a multitude of customers across many different industries. We’re confident TEMPbadge will work for you for the following reasons:

  • Visibility: The key to TEMPbadge’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity: highly visible red lines, “VOID” or other clear text make it obvious that a badge is no longer valid. Checking a visitor’s status requires no software or hardware. TEMPbadge’s expiration colors and text differentiate the expiring badge from existing employee badges, making it easy to tell the difference, even in a crowd.
  • Versatility: Multiple expiration time frames make it easy to find a TEMPbadge for your situation. Half-day badges are great for quick meetings or interviews, one-day badges work well for on-site conferences or meetings and one-week badges are perfect for contractors or other long-term visitors.
  • Customizability: TEMPbadge’s simplicity doesn’t make it a plain solution! Many badges can be customized to feature your organization’s logo, colors or text. Customized headers for two-piece badges are available as well, allowing you to more accurately identify each type of visitor to your facilities.
  • Scalability: TEMPbadge Visitor Management solutions grow as your organization grows! Smaller organizations may start off with a TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Book but grow into a custom expiring badge solution. Organizations seeking a more comprehensive solution will benefit from TEMPbadge Visitor Management System, a suite of software and expiring badges that allows you to process guests in just four clicks and five seconds.