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Photo ID Cards

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Whether you plan to use your ID cards strictly for visual identification of individuals at your facility, or in combination with magnetic stripes, bar codes and/or smart chips to run automated data collection systems, there are several factors to consider when selecting and designing your photo ID cards.

ID cards from IDenticard

Card Material

The majority of IDenticard photo ID cards are made from a combination polyester/polyethylene material. An outer plastic laminate securely bonds to this inner core to provide a highly durable, all-plastic badge. They won't crack, chip or warp.

Other card types include smart cards, PVC, and plastic cards with paper inserts (for temporary or visitor cards). Check with an IDenticard representative to determine the best card type for your needs.

Convenience in Issuing

Inkjet-Printable ID Cards
Inkjet-printable IDs are our most popular type of ID cards. They come to you with perforated on a sheet that easily glides through your inkjet printer, and are custom designed with your colors and your logo.

Inkjet-printable ID cards allow you to use the different font styles available with inkjet printers. Print names and departments in BIG, BOLD type: Security guards can see at a glance who belongs in what department. New employees quickly get to know everyone. Hospital patients feel reassured because they can easily identify who is attending to them.

ID cards protect your professional image

Protecting Your Professional Image

ID cards are the foundation of your security system. Because they are carried and displayed by every member of your organization, they will also be seen by persons in the community, by customers, suppliers and others. In many ways, they are like your corporate letterhead or business cards. ID cards carry your image to the outside world.

Because IDenticard recognizes the importance of well-designed security ID cards, our cards are attractive as well as secure. We use your colors and your logo to custom design your cards, keeping in mind both aesthetics and functionality.

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