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Now available in color!

IDentiGuard provides a whole new level of security for your ID card program. At a glance, your ID cards can be quickly and easily verified, reducing the risk of forged IDs made through a color copier or by using today's computer technology. It's an affordable security solution for ALL ID card programs... regardless of size.


To view this unique security feature, simply move your mouse over the image to simulate tilting the card. (You may first need to click on the image to activate this feature.)

IDentiGuard is...

  • Secure. IDentiGuard uses a photo-chromatic material that is embedded into the ID card. The color and appearance of the image will change depending on the viewing angle. It does not require any special viewing devices, and it can not be replicated or simulated using color scanners or copiers.
  • Customizable. You select the image that appears on your card. Use your own logo, one of our standard designs, or any other graphic that you choose. IDentiGuard is currently available in silver, speckled silver, blue and speckled gold.
  • Cost Effective. IDentiGuard is an affordable solution for ALL card programs... even small organizations ordering as few as 100 cards.
  • Time Sensitive. With IDentiGuard, we can meet your security needs in a few weeks... not months.

IDentiGuard & Laminated Cards

IDentiGuard and Laminated Cards

Custom logos or graphics using the IDentiGuard security imprint provide excellent protection against fraudulent IDs. Customers may also choose from one of several standard IDentiGuard graphic images.

IDentiGuard & PVC

IDentiGuard and PVC. IDentiGuard also protects PVC cards. Select a standard design (Holographic Silver rectangle with Gold overprint of the IDenticard logo), a custom design featuring your logo, or other graphic of your choice.

3D Holographic Labels3D Holographic Labels
Tamper-resistant, serialized 3D holographic labels offer an economical way to protect ID cards that have already been issued. Card-tampering attempts leave an easy-to-spot checkerboard pattern.

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