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Access Control ID Badges

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IDenticard ID badges are used in a variety of access control systems... controlling and monitoring the activities of card holders, while helping keep facilities secure. When considering the type of ID badge to use in your access control system, there are several factors to keep in mind.

Reader TechnologyReader Technology
The technology used on your ID badge depends upon the type of card reader you'll select with your access system. While access systems are available using a wide variety of technologies, magnetic stripes are the most popular because of their low cost and security features. IDenticard high coercivity magnetic stripes are protected with Magnacote, an exclusive covering that gives superior protection against abrasion and wear for both the stripe and the reader. Unlike other coatings, Magnacote helps keep the reader head close to the magnetic stripe to assure consistently good readings.

Magnetic Stripe Encoding
IDenticard's half-inch high coercivity stripes allow multiple track encoding. That means your cards can accommodate two or more different encoding sequences on the same magnetic stripe. Our high coercivity coated stripes are rated at 2,750 oersted, virtually eliminating accidental erasures and read errors. The stripe's constant density makes encoding easy. You may encode your ID badges yourself or order them already encoded from IDenticard.

Other Card Technologies
Smart card, bar code, proximity cards and Wiegand are also available for access control ID badges. Contact your IDenticard representative to find out the best product selection for your application.

Reader Compatibility
There are three ways to make sure your access badges will work in your system: test, test, test. IDenticard will send you sample cards exactly like the type of cards you are ordering. You can make sure that our cards are perfectly compatible with your system.

Card Durability
Think about how many times individuals at your organization will use their access badges: to enter the parking lot in the morning, to get into the employee entrance or to gain dormitory access, to enter the R&D Lab, to go to lunch, to leave at the end of the day. And if you plan to use your ID badges with other data collection systems (time & attendance, library checkout or shop floor data collection, to name a few), the badges had better be durable enough to withstand the repeated use in the card readers.

Card DurabilityThat's why IDenticard access badges feature an exclusive wrapped edge; a single piece of tough, protective laminate that actually wraps around your identification badge. It protects your badges from delamination... a common cause of card failure in reader systems. And, they won’t crack or chip.

Convenience in Issuing
IDenticard access badges can be created and issued through digital imaging or through film-based camera systems . They can also be laser-printed; names and departments printed in the BIG, BOLD type styles of today's laser printers, making them easy to read. Let an IDenticard representative help you decide which type of system will best meet your needs and your budget.

Protecting Your Professional Image
ID badges are the foundation of your security system. Because they are carried and displayed by every member of your organization, they will also be seen by persons in the community, by customers, suppliers and others. In many ways, they are like your corporate letterhead or business cards. ID badges carry your image to the outside world.

Because we recognize the importance of well-designed security identification cards, IDenticard badges are attractive as well as secure. We use your colors and your logo to custom design your cards, keeping in mind both aesthetics and functionality.

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