Customized Identification Cards and Badges

IDenticard is more than an ID card dealer. We make and customize a wide range of cards right in our own factories/processing centers. All custom orders are shipped from the U.S., other than some orders to Canada, which are shipped from Toronto. Our team of design and security professionals – who are trusted by 22,000 customers around the world including Fortune 500 corporations, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, leading medical centers and more than 300 federal agencies – can customize your identification cards and badges to meet your needs. Whether they are for building access, visual identification, role recognition, smart-card security or all of this and more we can customize a card for you and your team that matches form and function.

What Happened to the Design Your Own ID Tool?

Above all else, IDenticard sells security, and because of this commitment we have decided we will no longer allow customers to design their own ID cards without speaking to one of our identification experts.

While the majority of people using the Design Your Own tool were doing so for legitimate purposes, we simply are not willing to risk enabling people who are trying to misrepresent themselves.

If you need custom ID cards contact us and we will work with you to match a solution to your needs.



Let us help design your ID cards

Our customer service representatives can assist in the design, material, color selections, and printing of your cards. Or send us your artwork and we’ll take care of the printing for

Ideal for:
• Large Orders
• Professional-grade designs
• Complex requirements

Not sure what king of card you need?
See our interactive Card Guide.

Learn about our Premium Badging Service.

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