PremiSys ID

PremiSys ID

Professional software for organizations of all sizes

  • Intuitive software creates professional badges
  • Compatible with both PVC and Teslin® cards
  • PremiSys mobile app allows for badging on the go

Designed by IDenticard with security and ease-of-use in mind, PremiSys ID is a comprehensive photo ID solution that helps create professional ID badges and cards for organizations of all sizes.

PremiSys software is designed to be as intuitive as possible and features a card design wizard, preinstalled industry-specific templates and a user-friendly interface. For those seeking a completely customized ID card, the PremiSys card designer walks you through the design process, including the importation of artwork or logos.

PremiSys ID works best as part of a complete identification solution. Our solutions specialists will work with you to assess the needs of your organization and will help you implement the ideal program to suit your unique needs.

PremiSys ID Pro: Quality, easy to use photo ID design software

IDenticard designed PremiSys ID Pro to be a user-friendly alternative to some of the industry’s more complicated photo ID software. With pre-installed templates and a customizable interface, PremiSys ID Pro will have even the most inexperienced users creating high-quality badges in no time!

  • Templates or design your own: PremiSys ID Pro comes with four industry templates to get you started: choose from industry, healthcare, education and recreation. If your organization doesn’t fall in one of those categories, use the card design wizard to create your own badge.
  • Organization filtering: At larger organizations, filtered user groups make it easy to find the employee you’re looking for. Instead of scrolling through a long list, simply select the user’s group for a more targeted search. Group categories can be custom designed, so you can organize your employees by personnel type, location, last name and more.
  • Proofing: PremiSys ID Pro will show you an on-screen preview of your badge before it is sent to the printer. This proofing system gives you a clear idea of what your badge will look like, eliminating waste from cards with errors.
  • Secure: As a security company, IDenticard made sure PremiSys ID Pro was a secure badging program. LDAP sign-on allows you to authenticate users through Windows™ login information, while user profiles can be assigned different security levels depending on how much access they should have to the program’s features.

ID badge design with PremiSys ID is easy! View a video demo below.

PremiSys ID Pro outperforms similar photo ID software in a number of ways

  • Flexible: PremiSys ID Pro can design and print both PVC and Teslin® cards, making it ideal for most major badging operations. The highly customizable interface gives PremiSys ID pro the flexibility to fit badging programs of all kinds.
  • Portable: The PremiSys mobile app allows you to take your badging operation on the go! Snap photos, enter variable data and print a badge to a networked printer, all from your iPhone™ or Android™ smartphone.
  • Customizable: IDenticard includes four industry-specific templates in PremiSys ID Pro, but it’s also easy to design a card from a blank canvas. Choose your orientation and layout, upload background images or logos and more.
  • Scalable: PremiSys ID Pro is the perfect complement for the PremiSys access control system. When integrated with PremiSys ID Pro, the access control system is able to display user photos when a door is opened, store parking information and more. The two software suites come together to form a comprehensive identification and security solution ideal for organizations of all sizes.

PremiSys ID kits: All-in one kits to create your own ID badges

PremiSys ID kits are ideal for organizations looking to start a badging program for the first time or to completely rebuild an existing system from the ground up. Aside from a computer, these kits contain everything an organization needs to start issuing quality employee badges.

  • OmniLife kit: This PVC starter kit contains entry-level PremiSys ID software, a digital camera, a tripod, a single-sided PVC printer and 400 PVC OmniLife cards. Custom factory printing is available using our Premium Badging Service.
  • JetPak kit: This kit contains Teslin® cards, an alternative to PVC. Our JetPak cards are a durable solution that can be customized using an inkjet printer. This kit contains entry-level PremiSys ID software, a digital camera, a tripod, an Epson™ inkjet printer, a laminator, 400 dual-sided JetPak cards and the corresponding laminating pouches.
  • Support and training: Our solutions specialists will work with you to determine which products best suit your needs while also ensuring you have the training and support necessary to keep your badging operation running smoothly. Our team offers expert training on how to use PremiSys, and will help you get the most out of the program.

Don’t forget the PremiSys access control system!

The PremiSys access control system is a security system that allows you to have maximum control over your facilities. Monitor surveillance video feeds, grant or restrict access to doors and more, all from a single location.

When integrated with PremiSys ID Pro, the two programs combine to create a full-fledged security and ID solution that is unrivaled on the market. Our sales solutions specialists will help you understand what PremiSys products are right for you, how they can be integrated and what they will do for your organization.

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