Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers

Quality hardware for your Teslin® badging operation

  • Detailed customization for your Teslin substrate cards
  • High-resolution image and text printing
  • Ink cartridges and other supplies available

Inkjet printers are a fixture in many businesses and offices due to their color printing capabilities. However, new technology allows the printers to be used for another purpose: printing Teslin® identification cards. Unlike PVC cards, which require a dedicated PVC printer for customization, IDenticard’s Teslin cards only require a regular inkjet printer to add names, photos and other variable data. These inkjet printers are ideal for customizing IDenticard’s JetPak™ and JetPROX™ cards.

For maximum quality, IDenticard offers a number of inkjet printers from Epson®, a market leader in the inkjet printer field. Epson printers use DURABrite® or UltraChrome Hi-Gloss® ink cartridges to print more detailed pictures and sharper text than standard PVC printers. Inkjet printers are also capable of printing in finer detail than PVC printers, allowing for the addition of the MicroText™ security feature.

Epson WorkForce 2630: Fast, high-quality color inkjet printing for Teslin® cards

An entry-level printer in Epson’s offering, the WorkForce 2630 provides reliable card printing at an affordable price.

  • DURABrite ink produces high-quality photos and sharp text.
  • Individual color ink cartridges allow you to replace one color at a time for added convenience.

Epson WorkForce Pro 5110: A reliable inkjet printer for mid-level Teslin® badging operations

The WorkForce Pro 5110 is a step up from the entry-level WorkForce 2630, offering slightly faster speeds and a more robust set of features. Moderate badging programs will find that the WorkForce Pro 5110 meets their Teslin substrate printing needs.

  • The WorkForce Pro 5110 offers speeds of up to 20 pages per minute, allowing users to breeze through a moderate Teslin substrate badging job.
  • The printer is able to print wirelessly or from a smartphone for added convenience, making it a great fit for card printing offices of all sizes.

Epson Stylus Photo R2000: Advanced printhead technology for maximum detail

Epson includes the latest printing technology with the addition of MicroPiezo™ printheads, which lead to highly detailed images and sharp text.

  • The R2000 features both wireless and wired networking capabilities and mobile printing using the Epson Connect™ app.
  • The Stylus Photo R2000 uses eight ink cartridges, including orange, red and a gloss optimizer, instead of the industry-standard four cartridges, leading to higher color quality.

Epson Stylus Photo R3000: Bring your badges to life with photo-quality images, time after time

The Stylus Photo is Epson’s top-of-the-line inkjet printer, offering maximum color depth, detail and image quality. This printer is ideal for printing detailed Teslin substrate cards and will consistently produce professional results.

  • The Stylus Photo R3000 uses eight different ink cartridges to provide the widest range of lifelike colors, including light cyan, yellow and various shades of black.
  • The printer uses Epson’s UltraChrome ink cartridges, which provide both resistance to smudging and maximum image quality.

Inkjet printer services

While many companies can sell you an inkjet printer, IDenticard goes above and beyond through our offering of printer services and trade-ins. Services include warranties, repairs, technical support, software upgrades, troubleshooting and more. Our relationship with you doesn’t end when a sale is complete.

  • Inkjet printer repair and trade-in services: IDenticard has service repair technicians in three locations, ensuring that the repair of your inkjet printer is performed by dedicated professionals who know their craft. IDenticard can perform warranty repairs or routine maintenance. Technical support can also be reached over the phone for troubleshooting questions or software upgrade purposes.
  • Printer trade-in: Let us take that old printer off of your hands through our trade-in service! In exchange, you receive a discount towards the purchase of a new card printer from IDenticard. The amount of your discount will vary depending on the your printer’s overall condition, make and model.

Choosing the correct inkjet printer for your Teslin substrate badging operation can be difficult. However, our solutions specialists have years of experience helping customers like you set up badging operations across the United States and Canada. Contact us, and we will work with you to assess your site’s specific needs and create the perfect card printing solution for your organization.

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